So whats this all about then?

30 September 2008

For a while now i’ve been thinking maybe I should have blog.  I keep feeling like I have something to say (even if no one is listening) and my partner gives me the “that’s nice dear” expression whenever I start pontificating on WoW stuff at home.   So here we are.

My plans are to make (hopefully) regular comment to WoW and the stuff i’m doing in-game.   Currently its mainly focused on leveling, and as a casual player this is definitely not going to be a raid focused blog.   I’m interested, but I don’t have the time.  To give you an idea i play about 1-2 hours about 3 nights a week, one solid evening over the weekend and, when i can, a nice chunk of time on one of the weekend days.

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29 September 2008

Gobble gobble!  Welcome to my blog.  I thought i’d better put something up to start with.  I’ve working on this WordPress gui and getting the hang of it.

Warning random thoughts follow…

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