Gobble gobble!  Welcome to my blog.  I thought i’d better put something up to start with.  I’ve working on this WordPress gui and getting the hang of it.

Warning random thoughts follow…

O sweet a spellchecker, spelling was never my strong point.  Actually neither was typing generally.

Hmm, must get a decent image for the banner, this one looks too much like real life and not enough like WoW.

Here’s some stuff I thought I might blog about to start with:

  • Introduction – casual gamer, not raid focused, creative outlet
  • Meet my priest – Where she’s up to, build shadow vs disc, armoury link
  • Meet my shaman – Where he’s up to, build, staying DPS, armoury link
  • Meet my warrior – Where he’s up to, build, armoury link
  • Websites i read (wow based)
  • My User Interface – addons
  • WotLK – not going to comment until it goes live
  • Why i have 2 mains – rested xp, variety, etc
  • PUGs – Omen, marking and keepings things moving, etc
  • Tips for leveling a priest – Good wand, start shadow
  • Tips for leveling a shaman – Ghost wolf, start enhancement, Astral Recal
  • Tips for playing a priest – my skill rotation, buff lots, priest website resources
  • Tips for playing a shaman – drop totems a lot, my skill rotation, shaman website resources
  • Tips for playing a warrior – level first aid & cooking, warrior website resources
  • I love herbalism – why?
  • Tailoring, why do i bother? – Useless, expensive, PMC, enchanting
  • Comments – knock yourself out, but i reserve the right to ignore the crap.
  • Why BobTurkey?

If this stuff isn’t your thing then your prolly in the wrong place.

Categories?  Tags?  Hmmm, must sort something out there.


2 Responses to First!

  1. Heya Bob,

    Thank for the comment on my blog; added to to my feed reader too. Goodluck and looking forward to the posts.


  2. BobTurkey says:

    OMG typhoonandrew your first on First!

    *gets out bubble wrap and encases comment for posterity*

    Thanks for the well wishes.

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