New priest on the block?

31 October 2008

So, you’re a brand spanking new Horde priest who has just reached the Outlands.  What do you do? Well once you get the Thrallmar there are a couple of things to do.

1) Pick up some flight points.  Many people like to get settled in in Shattrath City ASAP.  So if your going to run there here’s a couple of tips.  Read the rest of this entry »


Turkemoo’s Glyphs

29 October 2008

Unlike the poor priests shaman have a plethora of decent glyphs to choose from.  Below are my choices for Turkemoo.

Glyph of Windfury Weapon (Major)

Like most enhancement shaman I use Windfury Weapon a lot.  This glyph grants 40% more AP on the bonus AP granted by Windfury Weapon procs (if that makes sense).  This is just a straight DPS buff, and one that gets used continuously both soloing and in instances.  At level 68 Windfury procs normal grant 475 extra AP (about +34 DPS), this will add a further +13.5 DPS.
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Tips for new priests

27 October 2008

Firstly be aware that I did most of my leveling pre-3.0.2 patch.  Some of these things may have changed slightly since then.  Mana regen is the most likely change as this seems to have been boosted significantly in 3.0.2.  Now on to the tips.

1. Put your first talent points into Spirit Tap.  Regardless if you plan to level as a Shadow Priest or a Holy Smiter (also known as a LOLSmiter, because they used to be relatively weak), always take this talent first.  It will save you hours and hours of waiting for mana regen, especially at low levels where you don’t have much.
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The To Do List

24 October 2008

Just a quickie.   Here are the things on my short term to do list.


He’s lost the limelight at the moment.  He’s mainly farming Primal Life and Primal Water for Turkelife’s PMC.


  • Hit 70 (currently 69)
  • Craft other two bits of PMC set
  • Finish Nagrand and Terrokar then do Blade’s Edge and Shadowmoon for money for a basic flyer.
  • Gain a bit of reputation here and there to get to specific rep levels (hmm, will post on this sometime).
  • Open Achievements window and discover what all the excitement is about


I’ll be lucky to make 70 and get the PMC shoulders by the time Wrath comes out.  At least there should be plenty of demand for healers for 5 man instances with all the new Death Knights coming through.

A short nights highlights

23 October 2008

A few interesting bits from last nights play.

Firstly I farmed a few herbs and Primal Lifes with Turkemoo, in the Dead Mire (Zagarmarsh).  Between pulling out herbs, killing bog lords and skinning the bog lords this is pretty easy and profitable work.

While farming I did find a slot for Lava Lash in my rotation.  Read the rest of this entry »

Turkelife’s Glyphs

22 October 2008

Ver 3.0.8

In line with my disc/holy levelling concept i’m using these glyphs.

Glyph of Renew (Major)

This glyph basically compresses your Renew healing into 12 seconds instead of 15.  This is a no brainer for me and my play style.  When healing 5 mans about half my healing comes from Renew.  Also when levelling, if I cast Renew its because its instant (and i’m getting beaten on), and I need all the healing I can get as fast as I can.
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No *I* am uber

20 October 2008

Wow!  Turkemoo got a bit of a run first thing over the weekend and wow!  My 600 AP is now 1000 AP!?!?  Soloing used to take about 2-3s to pull and about 10s to kill.  Now I Flame Shock while charging at the foe and the combat is over in about 6s.

Old rotation:
Pull with Flame Shock (Shamanstic Rage macro if its up), Storm Strike, Earth Shock, renew Water Shield, wack it a few times and the second Storm Strike kills it.

New rotation: Read the rest of this entry »