Introducing Turkelife

Meet Turkelife (armoury link).  She’s not my first toon (she’s about the 15th), but she is my favourite.  Turkelife is currently a 65th Blood elf Priestess hanging out in Zangarmarsh.

All my toons are have ‘Turke’ in their name, as you’ll soon discover, and she was named Turke-life as she was to be a healer.  One interesting thing (well I found it interesting) is that people seem to think Turkelife is Turkish.  Apparently its being read as Turk-elife.  Elife, as i found out recently, is a girls name in Turkish.  Kinda like Lisa in English.  And with the Turk bit in front it basically being read as ‘a Turkish girl, Elife’.  Anyway back to the story…

Turkelife came about for a number of reasons.  Firstly i’m an alt-a-holic.  Secondly after playing some of my other toons, like Turkemoo (who you will meet later) I found that good healers were not overly common in WoW.  As a player I seem to gravitate towards playing healers.  I’m pretty good at it and its kinda satisfying in some sort of nurturing kinda of way (i have no idea which though).  Anyway the aforementioned Turkemoo could have been a healer but enhancement shammys are such fun and the idea of mashing Chain Heal for the rest of my Wow lifespan didn’t do it for me (yes I know there’s a bit more to it than that). So I started a priest.

She’s a blood elf because I wanted to try the Enchanting/Tailoring combo (more on that too in another post), and I wanted to experience the blood elf starting lands.  Besides she’s kinda cute in a kinda girly way, although if I accidentally give it too much thought I discover she looks about 12…  Moving right along.

Turkelife is currently a Disc/Holy spec as you can see from the armoury link. I had great plans to level her as shadow/holy and did for quite some time (til about late 50’s), but then a number of things happened.  One I got bored of looking at a purple, shadow toon.  Two, I ran Ramps with a priest a couple of levels higher and he was doing about twice my DPS!  I checked his spec and he was a lolsmiter!  OMG!  In hindsight I suspect my shadow/holy build was less than optimal, but suffice to say I immediately went out and respeced disc/holy.  Not only am i no longer a shadowy purple colour, but I do more DPS. Plus I can heal five times better.  Soloing is a breeze and i can chain pull pretty much all day and take out two to three foes at about my level (some hit harder than others obviously)

Turkelife is in virginal Outlands territory so i’m enjoying every quest and blundering around everywhere.  Turkemoo is not far behind her.


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  3. Lardgrill @ Frostmourne says:

    Grats on 70!

    I’m levelling as Shadow, so was interesting to read your comments about Holy/Disc. I’d be interested in seeing your recommended levelling talents for Disc/Holy i.e. 10-20, 20-30, 30-40, etc.

  4. BobTurkey says:

    Hi Lardgrill,

    Check out this post:

    This is my current build (i’ve just hit 70). It has the levelling talents listed after each talent (i.e. which level to take the talent at).

    I hope its useful.

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