Hellfire Peninsula Group Quests

I only had limited play time last night (breeding and gaming don’t mix well), so I fired up Turkemoo and started to burn off some of his %150 rested xp.  There was lots of mucking about and running, running, running, but in between all this I answered the call in General chat for a “LFG for Cruel’s Intentions“.

I met up with another level 64 enhancement shaman (a troll) and we faught our way into the Pools of Aggonar to Arazzius the Cruel’s lair.  Arazzius is a level 63 elite and shouldn’t give us much trouble.  We did a ready check, dropped a forrest of totems, and promptly wiped on him!  WTF?  He hits hard at about 1k damage so about six hits kills me, but we should have had huge DPS and destroyed him in no time.  My shaman ally says sorry lag or something to that effect.  Anyway I self-res, res him and we have a second go killing him quite easily.

Next we head off to do The Foot of the Citadel, one of the hardest quests in the zone.  We pick up one of the shamans guildies, a 70 hunter, on the way.  Again, ready check, drop totems, pull.  We slaughter Force Commander Gorax then the Hand of Kargath spawns with two little friends.  The hunter does nothing then auto-attacks the Hand with his pet helping.  He gets pounded and I slip back to healing mode to keep him alive.  The other shaman and I destroy the two non-elites and start on the boss.  Anyway in the chaos we kill him and take his head.  Then the hunter goes, “did we get him?”  Turns out he basically lagged out half way through the first fight against Force Commander Gorax and had no idea what was going on!  The great lag beast strikes again.

Finally we moved on to Wanted: Blacktalon the Savage in the Great Fissure.  This ones easy as and I can almost solo him (looking at WowHead comments apparently i’m the only one who can’t solo him at level 64).  We charge over and slaughter the Blacktalon.  The hunter and I killed him just as the other shaman gets there.

Mission accomplished the group breaks up (bed for me).  I head back and hand in the quests.  Mostly vender trash, but a nice 1k Thallmar rep reqward for the Foot of the Citadel and Bladefist’s Breadth from Cruel’s Intentions is a keeper replacing my Strength of the High Chief (finally).  4 point something less DPS for about 1% more crit plus the 15-20 extra DPS on use.  I’ll have to think about maybe building its use into a macro, perhaps with Shamanistic Rage.  Oh, a quick check of the WoW Wiki Shamanist Rage page tells me i’m not the first to think of this combo.


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