Tauren rock!  Shaman are fun!  I play one called Turkemoo, ’nuff said 🙂 (armour link).  Actually that would be a dull post so i’ll crap on a bit more about him (can you say ‘crap’ on the internet? – looks like it).

Turkemoo was my 3rd toon, but the first to make it past level 20.

Tauren are big, I never realised this until the first time heading out of the starter lands into the Barrens and encountering a gnome warrior. Firstly I thought it was a mini-pet like a rabbit or something, then i saw it had a name and I assumed it was a mob I might need to kill (this need only incerased as i met more gnomes 😉 ).  Later on I realised size wasn’t all good and I cursed it many a time in instances where i couldn’t see a darn thing because there was my giant, man-moo, mountain in the way.  But Tauren do look cool (well, except most of their head gear) and they’re really big.

Why a Shaman?  I’m a sucker for the classes no one plays.  When I figured out no one liked shaman for some reason I knew I had to play one.  They are hybrids and can do most stuff, except tanking, well if given the chance.  Also the shaman back story and in-game quests are pretty cool.  Now he’s a level 64 enhancement shaman (classic enhancement/resto build) in Hellfire Peninsular, I love the little whirl winds of devastation from his wind fury procs.  And there is something satisfying about smashing stuff with two huge one-handed axes. Turkemoo is staying DPS, especially now I have Turkelife to do the healing.  Currently enhancement but I might swap to elemental sometime for a spot of fun.

Turkemoo is also a herbalist/alchemist.  At first it just seemed a good use of the racial bonus, but over time I grew to love running around picking herbs.  There is something satisfying about it and the money is great, plus you can paw up herbs while in Ghost Wolf form.

Anyway, readers meet Turkemoo.  Turkemoo meet readers.


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  1. […] Turkemoo on the other hand is a wanderer.  Sure he explores the map, but sometimes, even in the middle of escorts, my eyes light up when that little gold coin shows up on the mini map indicating a herbaceous pot of gold is nearby and I charge off or fight my way through anything that stands between me and the herbs.  Its kinda weird actually.  Even when I know its Felweed or Dreamfoil or whatever under the little gold coin I still rush over to rip it out of the ground. Turkemoo usually travels as a Ghost Wolf rather than on his elite ground mount because of it. I tell you its not rational! […]

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