The alt you know is bad for you

The last of my toons i’m planning on mentioning in the near future is Deathturke (armoury link).  Deathturke is, as the title says, the alt I know I shouldn’t have.  He’s an undead warrior.  Warriors are more gear dependent than most (all) of the other classes in WoW and thus require a bit more focus than your average DPSer or even healer.  Focus, time or even playing with both hands is not something I have with regularity. However I made him in inspiration after reading Mathew Rossi‘s posts on WOW Insider.  Those who read Mathew’s posts know he’s passionate about his tanking and I found it a bit infectious.  So now I have a warrior. 🙂  Plus there is that awesome Charge ability.

Deathturke is kinda sitting to the side ATM. I only have time to play so many alts and i’m rationalising to myself that i’m waiting to see where the pieces fall with WotLK and the huge shakeup of tanking, threat, itemisation etc.

Deathturke is a typical mining/blacksmith with plans to go into master sword smithing eventually.  He fills a few holes for me.  He’s undead so I could experience the early undead content and he’s my only miner (so far).

Leveling  warrior is quite different to leveling my priest or shaman. Normally after a fight I select myself and hit my preferred heal to regain health if needed, Deathturke can’t do that. First Aid and Cooking become a lot more important and useful.   He also has a lot more buttons to use.  Not only does he have about 6 or 8 options he has these options with three different stances!  So many buttons to hit so little time (and rage).  Anyway…

Speaking of rage, the grand plan was to level as Arms/Prot spec.  That lasted until about level twenty, then I gave Fury a run.  OMG!  Little blue ‘+1 Rage’ numbers started flying off my toon with, err, a fury!  I never made it back to Arms. I suppose this is all going to change with the next big patch anyway.  Actually if Prot gets some average DPS I reckon leveling with a sword and shield would be fun (or perhaps torture, I have no idea yet).

Anyway, playing with a child in one arm doesn’t work so good for warriors (don’t tell my group their healer is playing one handed or they’ll have kittens).  So until my son gets over the excitement hitting the space bar and making my toons look like hyperactive 12 year olds, I don’t think Deathturke is going to get the lovin’ he deserves.


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