Busy, busy, busy

I had a surprisingly productive weekend gaming.

Friday night I logged onto Turkelife with plans to finish the last few group quests in Hellfire Peninsula.   I barely finished loading before I get a whispered invite to heal Blood Furnace with a pug.  Throwing caution to the wind I join and we knock off two nicely executed runs.  Some deaths but no wipes. The second run had some idiot mage who kept pulling agro, but once I got the hang of him I could drop a Power Word: Shield on him every time I saw the tell-tale mob(s) running his way and follow it up with a Flash Heal and Renew.  Luckily the pally tanking was excellent and only needed moderate healing.

Broggok still won’t drop his Bloody Surgeon’s Mitts but Keli’dan did drop the Raiments of Divine Authority which was a nice bonus and will tide me over until I make my Primal Moonclooth set.

Turkelife also ran her, and my, first ever Underbog run.  I was nervous after a string of bad Slave Pen runs, but UB is a great instance.  The 70 pally tank made things a bit easier also.  Ghaz’an was generous and dropped Cloak of Healing Rays first run, which was on my gearing to-do list.  I also knocked off Lost in Action, Bring Me A Shrubbery!, Oh, It’s On and Stalk the Stalker in one run which was handy.

Slave Pens is my bogey-man.  I’ve tried it five times, about half each on Turkemoo and Turkelife.  I’ve only made it past the Rokmar the Crackler once and that was with two 70’s helping after 2 hours of pain. He did drop the Coilfang Hammer of Renewal which was very nice, but oh, the pain, the pain!

The rest of the weekend I worked Turkemoo.  He has 150% rested xp (the maximum you can get) and Turkelife only about 10% so I thought he might be worth a run.  He knocked off the last few Hellfire Peninsular quests also and started on Zagarmarsh.  I’ve been looking forward to this with Turkemoo since I explored it with my priest.  Why?  Well he’s a herbalist and Zagarmarsh is awesome for them.  You can ‘skin’ the Bog Lords and other shambler type mobs as well as the Bog Giants and a few others in Underbog.  This is basically free herb and there are a couple of areas where they spawn where you can often just run around following non-herbalists in the area skinning their kills.

This time I worked my Cenarion Expedition and Sporeggar repuations the smart way and gained both very fast.  For Cenarion Expedition I bought about 300 Unidentified Plant Parts from the auction house and turned them in before handing in any quests.  I got two Uncatalogued Species, which is better than Turkelife’s one, but far short of the suggested 7 or 8 from WowWiki.

For Sporeggar I farmed Fahssn‘s two repeatable quests for about an hour which put me 700 reputation into Honoured before I started on their quests.  Being shamblers I also skinned about a 80 gold worth of herbs from bodies.

A couple of final things before I finish this wall of text.  Turkemoo made his first ever Alchemy discovery.  He learned Super Rejuvenation Potion while making the 2nd of four Elixirs of Major Agility.  That was pretty exciting for five minutes 😉

He also did a near textbook Underbog run except one near wipe on Black Stalker at the end.   He also got swiped into the water on Ghaz’an, which was another learning moment.  Gotta love UB with a herbalist.

PS Mad Alchemist Potions are the win!


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