Is it gluttony to have two mains?

Perhaps it isn’t a sin, but it certainly seems to be more than I can easily chew (queue other bad food jokes).

I have two main toons, I think.  Here are my symptoms. 

I play my priest a fair bit, but then my son will waddle over and start wanting to be picked up while going “woof, woof”. This is his way of saying he wants me to log onto my shaman, assume Ghost Wolf form, and run around so he can mash my space bar and “boing” around.  Anyway eventually he gets bored and wanders off or something.  But now i’m hooked again.  Instead of logging back onto my priest I spend hours questing and grubbing up herbs on my shaman.  A few days later i’ll feel guilty and go back to playing my priest until “he who must be obeyed” triggers another relapse.

I feel i’ve got two mains.

It has some upsides.  I’m super lazy and I love rested xp.  Having two mains means that one almost always has some rested xp to take advantage of.

It also gives me lots of variety.  Both of play styles and some diversification in trade skills.  My generous shaman (herb/alch) is always propping up my priest (ench/tailor) with cash donations.  Also I heal a fair bit in PuGs, but sometimes I just need to smash stuff and see little whirl winds of destruction.

It has some downsides for sure.  For a casual player already strapped for time having two mains means neither is going to get to see the World (of Warcraft) and experience everything, but I guess thats an issue for casual players anyway.

Regular swapping also breaks that kind of mental continuity that you get when you play a toon for a while.  You know that one where you know in the back of your mind where your up to on quests, and you know a few goals that your working towards, and you know when you can get away with pulling two or three mobs instead of one.  More than few times i’ve gotten this mixed up and been half way to a quest location or killed a few mobs without seeing quest progression text, before realising, doh, it was the other toon who needed to kill boars.

Hmmm, perhaps it is just a flavour of altaholisim?  Then again variety is the spice of life.


2 Responses to Is it gluttony to have two mains?

  1. Alt-ism is a problem I have too. 4x70s and a plan for a DK does not make a very solid set of rep on any of them.

    Is it ok? Yes! Its your choice, your money.

    Will that suit some guilds? Depends on how serious they are, and what you want from the game. Play for fun, and if you love a good woof, then howl away.

    I think guilds that want to see 80 soon, will want to pigeon hole toons as a set spec, and therefore having more than one might keep you behind the leaders in levelling and raiding. I’m trying to pick one character at the moment, so that I can focus on it till 80 and Naxx. Then when the Naxx runs are not around, and the LFg is slow, I’l select the next character and star the 70-80 grind.

    You mentioned the mental break between the styles of play, this is true but also something that you can adapt to.

    Playing different roles gives you perspective on what and why a role is doing something, and its always handy. I have a deep understanding healing, dps, and tanking only from doing each for a significant time. I could not have done that with just one toon. So being an alt-ist has significant advantages.

    Lasting the rested message you made is key. Login that alt, place hi m in an Inn, and then log-out for a week. When you return they’ll be nicely rested. I’ll be creating my DK straight away, but parking him for a week, so the starting areas settle down, and the rested is built up.

    cheers TyphoonAndrew

  2. BobTurkey says:

    Good idea about the DK. I was planning on leaving mine for a a few months until the dust had settled somewhat before starting mine, but your idea is a good one.

    Besides i’m expecting to be a huge demand as a healing priest in the Outlands 5-manning with 4 DK’s in the instances there 🙂

    Gobble gobble.

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