I love herbalism

It’s not really a rational thing, but I love herbing.

OK, sure there is the nice stack of money you make from it.  A gold plus per unit and you can get three units a pull.  Ten seconds work for a few gold is a nice return on investment, but that can’t be the whole story, can it?

I think the thing that really does it for me is the fun aspect.  Normally, with other toons, I tend to be very goal focused.  You know, running from point A to point B completing quests in what I like to think of as an optimal fashion.  Sure sometimes I head off to investigate something interesting or to find out what’s in that obscured piece of the map, but mostly its power-levelling of sorts.

Turkemoo on the other hand is a wanderer.  Sure he explores the map, but sometimes, even in the middle of escorts, my eyes light up when that little gold coin shows up on the mini map indicating a herbaceous pot of gold is nearby and I charge off or fight my way through anything that stands between me and the herbs.  Its kinda weird actually.  Even when I know its Felweed or Dreamfoil or whatever under the little gold coin I still rush over to rip it out of the ground. Turkemoo usually travels as a Ghost Wolf rather than on his elite ground mount because of it. I tell you its not rational!

Hmm, perhaps it is just greed.  Or perhaps is some learned, resource optimisation, behaviour burned into my brain after playing too many real-time strategy games.

My money’s on the money.  Herb on!


2 Responses to I love herbalism

  1. Lardgrill @ Frostmourne says:

    Another benefit of taking Herbalism, since Patch 3.0.2, is that you get a Profession-based spell, Lifeblood (http://www.wowwiki.com/Lifeblood). This gives you a self-healing spell, with the amount healed increased as you progress.

    I found this to be extremely useful whilst levelling as a Shadow Priest; mana-free self-healing without having to switch to & from Shadowform 🙂

  2. BobTurkey says:

    Yep. Even better is Lifeblood is off the global cool down. This means you can throw it anytime and build it into macro.

    And it looks cool!

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