Tailoring: why bother?

My priest, Turkelife,  is a tailor (+enchanter), but sometimes I wonder why I bother with it.

She’s almost never worn anything she has made, excepting some Black Mageweave items, using Mageweave donated from Turkemoo, when she was still at a level (mid 30’s) where silk was dropping.  Otherwise nada.

Leveling is painful.  She only made it past any of the cloth grades with the help of donated or auction house purchased materials. i.e. You toon levels far faster than you can level you tailoring.  This means sourcing extra cloth as per above or by boring mob grinds.  Perhaps I shouldn’t be comparing it with alchemy, which is pretty easy to keep leveled in parallel to your toon.

Primal Mooncloth set is very nice, but as Hyakurin on PlusHeal pointed out PMC was a bit more useful than than Blizzard intended and the Wrath healing Moonshroud set is far less impressive.  Nice stats but just not doing it for me like PMC does.

I suppose at least the items you make can be disenchanted for enchanting materials, but so can the items for several other professions…

Oh, well, after the pain of getting tailoring to near maximum I don’t think i’m ready to start something else a fresh yet.


PS For any novice tailors out there Primal Mooncloth isn’t made from Mooncloth, its made from Imbued Netherweave.  Don’t be a dill like me and buy Felcoth and make it into Moonlcoth in preparation for your PMC 🙂


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