Excited about the impending Doom (and other stuff)

I’ve been pretty blaise about Wrath until about yesterday, but the the 3.0.2 patch expected tomorrow is starting to get me excited.   The funny (sad) thing is that i’m most excited about the classes i’m not currently playing. 

Death Knights I still couldn’t care to much about, but warriors (curse you Matt Rossi) and even hunters are looking like they are going to be (even more) fun than they currently are.  I guess ‘the grass is always greener’ thing is pretty normal.  Both priest and shaman are getting a touch up and the homogenisation of stats is going to advantage my shaman more than most classes.  Anyway if you want to know what’s happening in the patch, “Echoes of Doom” there are plenty of places you can read about it including here.  Anyway, on to the other stuff.

Over the weekend I continued on with Turkemoo, including two pug runs of Sethekk Halls, which went down pretty smoothly with about one wipe in each.  These were my first runs in this instance and its not bad.  There are only two bosses normally, and they have each have some fairly widely used boss mechanics.  Darkweaver Syth periodically summons a group of four elemental minions of various elements at each of 90%, 55%, and 10% health.  As DPS my job (besides killing the boss) was the kill the adds ASAP and try and keep them off the healer.  Nothing overly taxing, but on the second run, when the 70 fury warrior said we’d be better just killing the boss, we had a wipe as the poor healer got overrun.

The end boss is Talon King Ikiss and he is also a caster.  He polmorphs one player fair percent of the time and has a big, raid announced, AoE spell which takes 5 seconds to cast and is pretty nasty.  Luckily it is line-of-sight and you can hide behind the pillars pretty easy (unless you’re sheeped).

Between the two runs Turkemoo hit friendly with Lover Lower City and got both Sky-Hunter Swift Boots and Greaves of Desolation.  Pretty nice luck actually. Terokk’s Nightmace also dropped but I passed it for the fury warrior to take.

Turkemoo also ran a couple more hours of farming Firewing Signets for his Scryer’s rep and knocked off a couple of more quests.  He’s about 5% from 68 and my new pet Fire Elemental.

Sunday I swapped to Turkelife to finish off a couple of outstanding quests in Hellfire Peninsular and Zangarmarsh (x2).  She also did my first run in Mana Tombs and yet another Ramps run (I needed an instance and thought I might give Omor the Unscarred another chance to drop the Heartblood Prayer Beads for me to no avail).  I got to smite in Ramps (and off heal a little), which was a nice change.  I led the damage meters, although I was a two levels higher than the others, so i’d be shamed if I wasn’t at/near the top.  In Mana tombs I put out a textbook healing performance and we never looked at risk except a troll shaman who got killed by some exploding Mana Leech thingys.  Seems to be a pretty easy instance actually.  The drops were useless for Turkelife being Idol of the ClawScimitar of the Nexus-Stalkers and Longstrider’s Loop.  I won the scimitar by accident after everyone passed on it.  She’s about 60% of the way through level 66.

I’d hoped to get both these guys to 70 before Wrath, but that looks very unlikely now.  Such is life.

Game on!


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