Noobish confessions

Just a quick story.

The other day a most curious thing happened on one of my ill fated Slave Pens runs.  The scene is: warrior tanking, ret pally and rogue DPSing, a holy pally healing and me off-healing and DPSing (but only slightly better than the tank – those who read this post patch 3.0.2, in the old days tanks generally had pretty weak damage.  So out DPSing the tank isn’t anythign to crow about).

Anyway the holy pally was pretty useless and on this occasion has dragged a patrol over to the group while we’re already fighting.  Things start to go tits-up pretty fast and i’m off healing like a mad woman.  Next thing my game locked up, or something.  I can’t cast anymore, I can’t even move, but I can see the mobs as they slaughter the last of the group.  So my PC hasn’t died.  Hmmm.  Well I start telling the group I can’t move, I can’t cast, NFI whats going on, etc.  Several of the group release and start running back.  I’m looking around, trying to figure out what happened, maybe i’m stuck in a wall or something.  Then the ret pally re-enters the instance and says …. “I bubbled you.”

Ding, ding, ding I am now officially a noob! 🙂  Anyway we end up having a full wipe ’cause there is no where for me to go and res without getting aggro, so I crawl away embarrassed and die in a safe spot…

Gobble gobble.


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