What are these Tiers all about?

One of the many questions I had when I started  was, “what are these tiers that people keep talking about?”  I’d see things like “Geared Rogue looking for Tier 6 guild” and “T6 priest LF guild” in chat and wonder what the hell they were talking about.  So here is an attempt to explain tiers.

Firstly there are two main uses of tiers that I’ve seen.  The first is talent tiers.  A Tier 1 talent tier consists of those talents at the top of a talent tree which have no prerequisite to select in you build.  A Tier 2 talent consists of those talents second from the top of a talent tree which have a prerequisite of five points already spent in the talent tree (in this case they would have to be Tier 1 talents).  And so on.  You rarely see talent tiers discussed in-game and they are used more when discussing builds or theory crafting on websites.

The second use of tiers is regarding gear tiers, this is the more common use in-game.  These are item sets with set bonuses for wearing multiple parts of the same set.

Original Wow

Burning Crusade

So based on this, a Tier 6 guild is one that is raiding instances which drop Tier 6 loot.  Simple once you get the hang of it, but eternally confusing to new players.

The first three tiers are rarely discussed since the Burning Crusade as they are relatively weak items. There will be two new talent tiers and, I believe, two new gear tiers introduced in Wrath.

Gooble gobble.


Wrath of the Lich King

  • Tier 7 drops from the 10 man Wrath raids
  • Tier 8 drops from the 25 man Wrath raids

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  1. […] Note “IFSR MP5″ is mana regeneration per 5 seconds while inside the 5 second rule.  Its the lower, “while casting” number,  of the two values when you hover over your Mana Regen stat.  The gear tiers (T4-8) are explained here. […]

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