3.0.2 is here

*joins the patch posting frenzy*

In case you live on planet X last night/yesterday was patch day.  Patch 3.0.2, the patch fondly known as ‘Echoes of Doom’, is here.  My server Nagrand came up about 7am AEST (about 9pm yesterday GMT).  I loaded and discovered the new Wrath log-in screen (which i’m already not that keen on) and logged in, turned off all my AddOns and briefly loaded Turkelife.  I like the new loading screens while waiting for my toon to load.

OMG the default interface looks bad!  I’ve only been using Bartender3 a month or so but already the default interface hurts my eyes to look at.  Its soo cluttered!

Anyway only had a few minutes to look around and yep, all the bit they’ve been talking about for months are there (Pet tab, Achievements, etc).

I doubt they are *the* new cookie cutter builds but these are the two builds i’ll be spending my free re-spec on.  Remember both toons are still levelling (late 60’s) and both have the rest of Terrokar, Nagrand, Blade’s Edge, Netherstorm and Shadowmoon Valley zones to quest in.  No uber optimised raiding specs here sorry.

More posts soon no doubt.  I’ll explain some of my build rationale soon too.  Enjoy the patch!


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