I am uber!

Oh, so is everyone else?  I got a bit excited that I was actually pretty deadly soloing in PvE in disc/holy spec, but then i discovered that so is every other Tom, Dick and Harry.

For my part is seems to be three main sources.  Firstly Holy Fire is pretty nasty now.  Cast time is just under 1.5s (down from 3s) with talents.  Damage is up, although that is partly due to the next bit.  My +damage has gone up about 20%.  Holy Fire crits are doing a bit over 2k now, up from about 1.6k, which is nasty on mobs with about 4k health.  Lastly mana regen is significantly up.  I think its a combo of getting mana every second instead of every five (i.e. less lost ticks due to them being cut off by casting) and Intelligence now playing a bigger role in regen.  My MP5 is up about 15%.

So last night I chain pulled about 100 mobs (I know because I knocked off three of the Outland Nessingway quests for 30 mobs each) without stopping once to drink or otherwise regen.  In fact I rarely used more than 10% of my mana per kill and even double pulls barely taxed me…

So now everyone is uber, and everyone will be raiding Sunwell Plateau (j/k) by the end of the week, Blizzard had better get Wrath out soon!

Lucky they added Achievements.

Game on!


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