No *I* am uber

Wow!  Turkemoo got a bit of a run first thing over the weekend and wow!  My 600 AP is now 1000 AP!?!?  Soloing used to take about 2-3s to pull and about 10s to kill.  Now I Flame Shock while charging at the foe and the combat is over in about 6s.

Old rotation:
Pull with Flame Shock (Shamanstic Rage macro if its up), Storm Strike, Earth Shock, renew Water Shield, wack it a few times and the second Storm Strike kills it.

New rotation:
Pull with Flame Shock (Shamanstic Rage macro if its up or Feral Spirit), Storm Strike, Earth Shock, maybe hit it once more and its dead.

Notice no Lava Lash.  I have it but no idea how I could possibly work it into the rotation.  I’m still using Windfury one both main and off hand.  I destroy things.  I haven’t had time to run an instance yet, but i’m expecting a huge DPS increase from Feral Spirits, Maelstrom Weapon and my increased AP.  Feral Spirits look interesting and they are quite agressive charging at anything I start attacking.

I have to say that, strangely for a patch, no one (spec-wise) is complaining. You know the balance is a bit far gone on the easy side when not even shadow priests are complaining.  😉

Another example is Turkelife, who just made 69.  She easily soloed the patrol of three Murkblood Invaders (level 67) in Nagrand.   At 68 she easily soloed the three of them at once and still had half her mana left!  This is a LOLSmiter, not some OP ret pally!  Pre-3.0.2 she would have just managed two of them and would have gone OOM.

While not performing super-smiting feats to amaze her player Turkelife has been very busy.  She’s slaughtered most of the local wildlife in Nagrand for Nessingway.  She’s been killing crazy elementals for the Earthern Ring at the Throne of the Elements.  She’s also started on Primal Mooncloth tailoring for her PMC set.  She’ll have it just about the time Wrath goes live and it becomes pretty much useless.  Never mind, its was one of her goals so she’s sticking to it.  I have also been trying to raise lots of cash so she can buy Marks of Sargeras from the auction house to raise her Aldor rep.  She’s doing this to raise her Sha’tar rep as high as possible before doing quests for them.  Sha’tar rep gets half the reward of Aldor rep rewards up to Sha’tar Honoured.  A couple hundred gold later and she’s most of the way there.

Turkelife also attempted her (and my) first run of Caverns of Time: Escape from Durnholde Keep, but when we entered the instance nothing happened.  We got a loading screen then nada.  We gave up and 4-manned Sethekk Halls fairly easily.  Poor Turkelife got no drops, not even a green, but it was fun and the ret pally (they’re everywhere!) got two nice drops from Talon King Ikiss.

Gobble gobble.


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