Turkelife’s Glyphs

Ver 3.0.8

In line with my disc/holy levelling concept i’m using these glyphs.

Glyph of Renew (Major)

This glyph basically compresses your Renew healing into 12 seconds instead of 15.  This is a no brainer for me and my play style.  When healing 5 mans about half my healing comes from Renew.  Also when levelling, if I cast Renew its because its instant (and i’m getting beaten on), and I need all the healing I can get as fast as I can.

At level 69 Renew 11 heals 1010 over 15 seconds.  This glyph makes it heal 1010 over 12 seconds.  Doesn’t look so impressive?  Well two things to consider are:

1) It ticks for 253 instead of 202 (ignoring talents and +heal)

2) It now heals my full +heal in 12 seconds instead of 15

I’m not going to do any maths (i’m sure someone smarter than me will before long), but the end result is it ticks for about 650 instead of 520.

Glyph of PW:S (Major)

This is another great glyph for Discipline priests. It heals 20% of your PW:S value on cast.  This is about 450, from memory at level 69.

When soloing this gives me a small heal when I recast PW:S in combat, but it shines in groups.  Healing 5 mans I usually cast PW:S as the “OMG the <insert non-tank> is getting beat on” button.  Mage/Warlock/other clothie draws agro?  Cast PW:S!  Not only does it delay their death giving others time to help save them (e.g. tank to Taunt) it also allows them to continue casting, and with this glyph, starts the healing process.

Glyph of Flash Heal (Major)

This is my current preference for my third major glyph. My current play style doesn’t use a lot of Flash Heals.  I read plenty of others saying they use it a fair bit so this may change once I start healing harder instances (e.g. heroics).

Glyph of Levitate (Minor)

I love this glyph!  I rarely have a good practical use for it (other than jumping off the Aldor level in Shattrath), but I love casting Levitate and just running around. 🙂  This means I can do it even more!  This might wear off once I get my flying mount but until then…

Glyph of Shadow Protection (Minor)

This glyph is in because i’m a bit lazy.  The fact that Prayer of Shadow Protection is only 20 minutes instead of 60 like Fortitude and Divine Spirit annoys me (just a little bit).  This helps a little.

Glyph of Fortitude (Minor)

No more needed that Shadow Protection above, this glyph just makes the drinking after buffing a bit faster.

Beyond these ones the glyphs are pretty lacklustre.  I suppose something like the Glyph of Inner Fire might be useful in PvP, but I don’t PvP much in WoW (that’s another story). I hope they introduce some more glyphs with Wrath.

Gobble gobble.


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