A short nights highlights

A few interesting bits from last nights play.

Firstly I farmed a few herbs and Primal Lifes with Turkemoo, in the Dead Mire (Zagarmarsh).  Between pulling out herbs, killing bog lords and skinning the bog lords this is pretty easy and profitable work.

While farming I did find a slot for Lava Lash in my rotation.  Flame Shock (to pull), Shamanstic Rage/trinkets, Storm Strike, Earth Shock, Lava Lash. I have to say I was pretty underwhelmed with Lava Lash.  I spend a global cool down for 203 damage (my off hand does 105-196)? Needs more testing, and i didn’t have Flametongue Weapon for the extra 25% damage, but Lava Lash has yet to prove itself. Lava Lash does seem to count as a melee attack for Maelstrom Weapon however.  I still haven’t had a chance to get him into an instance to fight some foes with more HP to test out rotations yet.  Generally enhancement shaman have had a huge DPS increase and i’m kinda wondering how long before they get some nerfing.

I also fiddled with some other new toys I was yet to make much use of – Feral Spirit, Fire Elemental, Earth Elemental.  The two elementals are on seperate cool downs of 20 minutes each and last 2 mintues.  You can’t have both up at once as they go on short 2 minute cool downs if the other one is used.  Feral Spirit lasts 45s on 3 minute CD.  I’ve just basically started using them as they cool down, perhaps saving an elemental for boss fights if i’m expecting any.   The spirit wolves and earth elemental all make reasonable tanks for short periods of time and the fire elemental is a straight DPS increase.  The spirit wolves are especially useful as they are on shortish CD and heal Turkemoo when they attack.

One of my Spirit Wolves (the right one) is particularly enthusiastic about his work and literally flies from my side to attack my target.  The other one charges along a more normal, close to the ground, type route.  My son, who loves my shaman in Ghost Wolf form gets so excited when I summon the Spirit Wolves and just about has a tantrum when they expire…

The other half of my evening was on Turkelife.  Her CD for Primal Moon Cloth was ready so I ran out to Cenarion Thicket in Terokkar Forest to use their moonwell.  That gave me enough PMC to make my Primal Mooncloth Belt.  She needed one more Netherweb Spider Silk for it so I wandered down to Netherweb Ridge and killed twenty or so Dreadfang Widows to get some more.  While I was down there I found and soloed Terokkarantula (killing her is supposed to be a 65G3 quest).  She’s a 65 elite spider and she is huge-normous.  I was unsure about attempting her, and it took a little bit of work, but killed her I did.  This might not sound too momumental, but a disc/holy priest soloing an elite anywhere near her level is exciting for me.  Turkemoo would probably eat her for breakfast but little Turkelife usually struggles with elites.  Three cheers for patch 3.0.2!

Anyway now I had the bits I made my Primal Mooncloth Belt.  Its my very first ever epic!  Well except for Turkemoo’s epic ground mount.  Funny thing is, she’s only 69 so she can’t use it just yet, but i’m still excited!  Time to start collecting bits for the shoulders.

Gobble gobble.


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