The To Do List

Just a quickie.   Here are the things on my short term to do list.


He’s lost the limelight at the moment.  He’s mainly farming Primal Life and Primal Water for Turkelife’s PMC.


  • Hit 70 (currently 69)
  • Craft other two bits of PMC set
  • Finish Nagrand and Terrokar then do Blade’s Edge and Shadowmoon for money for a basic flyer.
  • Gain a bit of reputation here and there to get to specific rep levels (hmm, will post on this sometime).
  • Open Achievements window and discover what all the excitement is about


I’ll be lucky to make 70 and get the PMC shoulders by the time Wrath comes out.  At least there should be plenty of demand for healers for 5 man instances with all the new Death Knights coming through.


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