Turkemoo’s Glyphs

Unlike the poor priests shaman have a plethora of decent glyphs to choose from.  Below are my choices for Turkemoo.

Glyph of Windfury Weapon (Major)

Like most enhancement shaman I use Windfury Weapon a lot.  This glyph grants 40% more AP on the bonus AP granted by Windfury Weapon procs (if that makes sense).  This is just a straight DPS buff, and one that gets used continuously both soloing and in instances.  At level 68 Windfury procs normal grant 475 extra AP (about +34 DPS), this will add a further +13.5 DPS.

Glyph of Strength of Earth Totem (Major)

Strength of Earth Totem is *the* earth totem dropped the majority of the time.  This glyph grants an additional 1% critical chance for melee and range attacks.  Another straight DPS buff, which is especially sweet given the nice buffs that shaman get on melee crits (Flurry and Unleashed Rage for starters).

Glyph of Storm Strike

This increases nature damage bonus of Storm Strike by a further 8% (i.e. from 20% to 28%).  Given the use of a high number of nature spells by enhancement shaman and the use of Storm Strike on cool down, this is a nice damage increase.

Glyph of Water Mastery (Major)

My preferred major glyph for level 80, it is not set in stone yet, but i’m leaning towards this one.  Mana is rarely an issue soloing because of the Water Shield charges, but in instances where i’m not always taking damage some extra mana regen would be handy.  Other good options are Glyph of Flametongue Weapon and Glyph of Flame Shock.

Glyph of Ghost Wolf (Minor)

Shaman have several good options for minor glyphs including this one.  As I’ve mentioned before I use my instant cast Ghost Wolf a lot.  This is a nice to have health regen.

Glyph of Water Shield (Minor)

Glyph of Water Shield squeezes a little more out of my Water Shield, which is useful while soloing.  Not earth shattering, but useful.

Glyph of Water Breathing (Minor)

At the moment I keep a supply of reagents for Water Walking and Water Breathing in my bags.  This minor glyph removes the need for the reagent for the one I use the most.

Shaman have a number of other nice options, especially for majors including Glyph of Earthliving Weapon and Glyph of Lightning Bolt.

May your Windfury procs be plentify.


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