New priest on the block?

So, you’re a brand spanking new Horde priest who has just reached the Outlands.  What do you do? Well once you get the Thrallmar there are a couple of things to do.

1) Pick up some flight points.  Many people like to get settled in in Shattrath City ASAP.  So if your going to run there here’s a couple of tips.  Firstly Shattrath is a couple of zones away.  To get there head due west until you enter Zagarmarsh and discover Cenarion Refuge.  From there follow the road south into Terrokar Forest.  Once in Terrokar you can’t miss Shattrath.  Now one trick you need to know is that to fly, using the flight path from Thrallmar to Shattrath, you need to also get the one at Falcon Watch first.  Falcon Watch is almost on the way do no big deal.  As you head west out of Thrallmar you go through a big gateway infested with Fel Orcs.  Once through the gateway head south as soon as you can (you have to head around a bit of a canyon) and you should see a big bunch of quests on your map.  Thats Falcon watch.  Get the flightpoint and then head north or north west to pick up the road to Zagarmarsh again.

2) Quest! Well duh!  There are lots of nice quest rewards which will replace a fair bit of your gear you had when you arrived.  Plenty of other websites cover this so i’m not going to.  Check out Jame’s Levelling Guides for detailed question in Outlands information.

3) Do some instances.  There are heaps of neat instances in Outlands and when you arrive you have access to a couple of easy ones.  Hellfire Ramparts (Ramps) and Blood Furnace (BF). Both Ramps and Blood Furnace have some very nice loot you can access as soon as you reach the Outlands and which will remain useful all the way to level 70.

Here are the healing priest ones to watch for.

Hellfire Ramparts

Blood Furnace

Ramps is dead easy, even with most PUGs.  BF is slightly harder but not much.

Good luck and enjoy.  Outlands is a fun area to quest in.


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