Why BobTurkey?

29 November 2008

From time to time I get asked why I use the handle ‘BobTurkey’.  Here it is  …

I can’t remember what my early in-game names were, probably something poxxy like “aragorn” or similar…anyway I used to play games like StarCraft and Subspace and everyone had name like “Lord Punisher” and “I0wnzU” and similar crap. So I picked something completely different and irrelevant.

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Questing, questing, questing

28 November 2008

Yes i’ve been a questing again.  I’m back on Turkelife and enjoying the Wrath content.  I realised if I don’t stop doing so many instances i’ll be like 80 without finishing all the quests in any of the zones.  So back to mainly questing. I’ve almost finished Howling Fjord and i’m almost 73.  I’ll probably head to the other starter zone (Borean Tundra?) next although Dragon Blight looks interesting too…

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Wrath tailoring for priests

27 November 2008

Here is my stuff to craft list for Wrath.

Oh how I love/hate the Barrens

26 November 2008

A few quick impressions/comments from the new warrior Moowall.

Its a long, long way to everywhere in the Barrens!  No mount and my hooves are sore from, running, running, running.  Roll on level 30 and more compact zones.  Dying is the worst.  Its a long, long corpse run to just about everywhere in the Barrens.

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Introducing Moowall

25 November 2008

My new Tauren Warrior is named Moowall.  I suspect I might come to regret the choice of name later, but its done now. Oh I just rediscovered my previous post about Moowall.  Darn there goes half my wall of text!   Read that post for the reasoning behind him and then come back. Read the rest of this entry »

A mixed bag of rambles

24 November 2008

Turkelife dinged 72 with upgrades to Holy Fire and Binding Heal.  Holy Fire is a nice leveling tool with sweet damage.  Bind Heal upgrade?  Well if i’m taking the damage to need it i’m either casting Prayer of Healing, because everyone has taken damage or i’m getting smashed and Fading or casting Power Word: Shield or other instants on myself to try and stay alive. Binding Heal isn’t even on my bar ATM. *shrugs*

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Enchantments aren’t forever

22 November 2008

I was looking through my new enchants the other day and I realised my new Enchant Gloves – Exceptional Spellpower was much more powerful than my old Enchant Gloves – Major Healing. This got me thinking about what the new ‘must have’ enchants for my healing gear would be.  So here is my current ideas

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