Silent Resolve vs Improved Inner Fire

When recently respecing Turkelife post-3.0.2 I had to make some hard decisions about where to put talent points (i mean there were so many nice things to choose from 🙂 ).  One of the trade offs was between Silent Resolve for reduced threat when healing and Improve Inner Fire for a better Inner Fire buff.

My thinking was Improved Inner Fire is OK at my current level, but from level 71 onwards has a very nice spell power buff.  At 71 i’m going to want Improved Inner Fire.  On the other hand i’ve always had Silent Resolve and have been used to having it.  To confuse the issue, and hopefully make Silent Resolve less of a must have, they have changed the threat mechanics.  So I took Improved Inner Fire as a practice run for when Wrath comes out. Here are my findings…

Not having Silent Resolve didn’t make much difference.  I seemed to pull agro, while healing 5 man instances, slightly less than pre-3.0.2.

Bottom line is, while not an exhaustive test (3.0.2 has only been out a week), it seems that Silent Resolve is no longer needed, or perhaps much less needed than previously.  So enjoy your three extra talent points! 🙂


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