Alts are like mushrooms

As an altaholic I find alts pop up almost randomly and continuously (if that makes sense).  So I’ve started yet another new alt, this one is a Tauren warrior miner/engineer, who shall remain nameless until he makes it past at least level 12.  Yes another warrior (I have a 30 something undead fury warrior).  Yes another engineer.

There is some method to this madness.  Firstly Tauren are so cool!  I’m not that keen on the undead model, which is my existing warrior.  Plus they get 5% extra health and as a healer i’ve discovered tanks with lots of health are far easier to keep alive (makes sense really).  Plus they are so big an tough looking, perfect for a warrior.  So my latest mushroom is a Tauren.

Secondly a warrior because I always (well at least the last couple of months anyway) wanted to level a warrior using a 1 hander and shield.  Now Protection has been fixed I can do that better.  Also there are a number of people who make tanking sound like fun (in a perverse kinda way).

Thirdly an engineer, because they are fun.  They have all the weird stuff.  Not all useful but certainly engineering has more character than say blacksmithing.  My previous engineer, being a level 6 orc hunter, is doomed to the shadows because, well he’s DPS.  I have one DPSer already, my 68 shaman (Turkemoo), and if i’m going to DPS i’d be hard pressed to find something more fun that a shaman with all their quirky hybridness.  Besides I find DPSing, well, kinda dull.  My other engineer, a 16 dwarf hunter, is sadly on the wrong side of the tracks (plus a filthy DPSer 😉 ).

My rationalisation for this one is that i’ve been running Turkelife a lot lately and I need a lot bit of variety.  The new guy is probably going to fade to the shadows when Wrath comes out and Turkelife gets some loving again, but until then leveling a prot warrior might be a bit of fun. 😉

So if he survives i’ll name him and blog some on leveling a prot warrior.


2 Responses to Alts are like mushrooms

  1. Started a Warrior a few weeks back too, to Alt around on. Raze is now level 19 and going strong. Like you I have another Warrior who is higher level, and I can’t recall why I stopped playing it, as the lower level one is fun. The other is level 38.

    I’m thinking of stopping my alt-ism while I level one toon to 80, but darn it — alts are like Crack!

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