So this is it?

It being the great quiet before the storm that will be Wrath of the Lich King.

So rather than ask you what your doing i’m going to tell you my thoughts on Wrath’s impending arrival.  After all that’s what blogs are for right?

Personally, i’ve not pre-ordered Wrath and I won’t be queueing outside my local computer store at midnight.  Not that I don’t like it or that i’m not a bit excited about it, more that I can’t see the point of rushing to the great frozen land of Northrend.  Every single player (excepting DKs) on my server cramped into a few zones isn’t my idea of fun, except that getting into a group would be pretty easy. The only thing I feel like i’ll be missing is all the easy cash as everything Wrath-like sells for stupidly inflated prices for a while.

What will I be doing?  Probably questing with Turkelife to finish off the last three zones of quests i’ve barely started (Blade’s Edge, Netherstorm and Shadowmoon) and healing 5-mans with 4 crazy new Death Knights.  I need some stupid amount of gold (1300gp) for my basic flyer as i’ve never even bought Journeyman Riding and my elite mount. Probably should get one of them too for Northrend.

Sure i’ll succome and buy it before long but a week or two won’t kill me.

Hmm, must be having a bad day…  I sound a bit cranky…


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