I’m no longer a virgin!

A Karazhan virgin that is!

Last night was a strange, anti-climatic end to the Wrath wait.  I logged on expecting most of the guild to be in Northrend enjoying Wrath, but only a couple where off enjoying the cold. It turns out that our local games stores mostly don’t release wrath until this morning for some reason (about 48 hours after the servers opened).  Pretty much par for the course here Downunder.

So someone else in the guild without Wrath decides to start an ad-hoc Kara group.  I say sure i’m interested but i’m a complete Kara novice.  I mean i’ve read about the zone in a,”well that’s interesting but not directly relevant to me”, kinda way a few months back when I was about level 20 🙂 .

Anyway 15 minutes later we’re summoning.  I’m one of three healers (which even this complete novice quickly realised was one too many), with an experienced holy priest and a moderately green resto druid.  I’m still spec’ed in my leveling spec and assigned duty to heal the warrior off-tank. The hunter was a novice also and I think the others were pretty much regulars in Kara.

We creamed the place!  I guess its been pretty nerfed these days, but i was surprised how easy it was.  The main tank (pally) was pretty experienced and well geared so that would have helped.  Firstly we smashed some horses including one particularly tough horse.  Apparently the tough horse had a rider, but it was all over before I noticed him.  I chucked a few frisbees of light Prayer of Mendings and that was about it.

I discovered PoM last night after not using for some reason ever since I got it.  Not sure why.  I probably bought it an never noticed it in my spell book. Told ya i’m no expert 🙂  Being instant cast it fits right in with my other instants.

Next we moved onto the big shiny warrior woman.  She actually caused a bit of excitement by continually wanting to run over near us squishie healers.  This ment we were silenced a fair bit of the time from Holy Ground.  Fun, fun, fun.  No deaths but I actually got below half mana at one stage before I Shadowfiended.

Thirdly we went gate crashed a dinner party where the host insisted on bad acting the entire time.  I believe Moroes is supposed to be a bit of a challenge, but we nailed him and the healers never really broke a sweat.  I think he had some friends but they died really fast.  He dropped the Shadow-Cload of Dalaran, which was given to me, resulting in much happy dancing and excitement.  This is my first ever epic drop (other than BoJs of course).  Nice upgrade for me.

Fourth boss was the interesting Opera Event.  Tonight’s show was Romulo and Julianne.  Good coordination required to kill hem both within a few seconds of each other.  Sounded exciting on vent, but wasn’t overly taxing on the healers.  A Masquerade Gown dropped.  I wasn’t going to roll on it cause i’ll be making my PMC robe before long, but no one wanted it and the master looter said I should take it rather than disenchant it.  So I did.  I think I was lucky on the run as the others were mainly after a few bits and pieces drop-wise, whereas everything pretty much was an upgrade for me.

Next everyone ran out of the entrance with me blindly following as usual.  I asked and discovered we were headed around to the side entrance, which as at the top of a tower.  I actually discovered the side entrance by mistake one time with Turkemoo, while trying to find the Swamp of Sorrows for the first time.  I jumped fell off the bridge and running out past the Kara entrance was the only way to get out other than the death option, which I eventually had forced on me.

Once in the side entrance it was a short run around to a nice rampart where Nightbane visits.  Now this was a harder fight. I love when Nightbane takes off and then just bombards the group with flame, looks so cool!  We wiped on this after a 15 minute fight.  I died first, when Nightbane was at about 60%, partially because the hunter wasn’t redirection Nightbane onto the tank when he was landing fast enough and eventually the healers pulled agro.  Part of it was certainly my complete ignorance of how the fight went other than instructions and calling over vent.  We got him down to about 45k health (from 917k) before the two remaining healers went out of mana and eventually wiped.  We had a tight deadline and decided to push on, but many were keen to try again (including me).

With about 25 minutes to go we rushed onwards.  We quickly encountered The Curator.  The tank accidentally pulled him while clearing trash and everyone got excited on vent.  I’m not sure why though as we smashed him quickly.  He dropped the tier 4 gloves token.  Once again I tried not to be given it but the other priest, to whom the master looter was trying to give them to, said he didn’t want them and to give them to me instead! Wow!  More epic loot. Zero to three in a couple hours.  So now I have shiny new Handwraps of the Incarnate.

Lastly we all piled on to Terestian Illhoof.  Another easy fight although there was constant reminders to “kill the chains”.  The group disintegrated fast after that as a couple were rushing off to pick up their copy of Wrath and someone else had RL issues to deal with.  I was tired and headed back to Shatrath and got my tier 4 gloves and logged out.

I did awesomely drop-wise although I realise that was mostly the circumstances of the run.  Besides the epics above I also won a pattern off some trash some where and of course got some more Badge of Justices.

I can’t comment on things like balance, but Kara has some really nice design and interesting boss fights, and i’m glad I got to see at least some of it.  With some luck we will finish it tonight.  I wouldn’t mind seeing the rest and getting the achievement.


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