A Wrathful beginning

Wow!  I only played one night and half a day in between real life over the weekend, but wow!  Firstly I should mention that I was wondering back from lunch on Friday and I notice a store was selling Wrath, so I wonder in, find they have heaps of copies and figure why not.  So now I have Wrath.  🙂
Installing and patching was very easy with zero problems. Amazing!  So i grab Turkelife and head to Org as usual.  I run outside all excited and run to the zeppelin tower.  No zeppelins to Northrend.  WTF?  I end up hearthstoning back to Shattrath and going to Undercity to see if they have zeppelins there.  As I run out to the zeppelin tower it hits me… The zeppelins leave from a separate tower.  OMG what a noob!

So I end up in Howling Fjord, which I think is better for me anyway.  Someone somewhere said that the Fjord is better for tailors because there were more humanoids or something.  I checked out both the Fjord and the Tundra and the Fjord looked a bit more interesting and easier to find stuff.  So I start there.

As I was poking around Vengeance Landing, trying to find the enchanting trainer, I get an invite to try the Nexus.  I figure why not.  They’d already killed one boss and where moving on to the next. They coaxed me on to the in-game voice chat, which i’d never used.  I discover they are a guild group of North Americans and obviously enjoying themselves.  We spent most of the time joking around and having fun but we’re completely ineffective at killing the second boss, Grand Magus Telestra.

None of us had any idea what was going on and it was crazy.   One minute there was one of her then three, then she flings me up in the air and machine guns me with some ability which was doing 75 damage continuously (like 4 times a second for 6 seconds).  Anyway we wipe and I politely leave to do something more effective (like level).

I do about three more quests before I see a request for a healer for Slave Pens in LFG.  By now its getting late and my brain thinks, “why not, I could use some more Sanguine Hibiscus for Sporegger reputation”.  So I join and discover its a pair of Death Knights (61+62), a cat druid and a 60 something mage.  The 62 DK is tanking.  About now I realise that Slave Pens doesn’t have Sanguine Hibiscus, but I figure i’m committed now and healing a tanking DK would be a new experience so I stay.

We destroy the place!  I have no idea what specs the DK’s were using (something with a skill that freezes water and allows them to run over it, Path of Frost?), but we have a smooth run and the DK tank only needs a bit more healing than a warrior and a bit less than a druid.  Death Knights are a bit over-powered in my opinion at the moment.  We move on to Underbog and smash that too.  Slightly more challenge, but still pretty easy.  The group was nice enough to give me all the flowers they found in exchange for my healing and passing on drops.  So I end up with an extra 18 or 19 Sanguine Hibiscus.  I only need another 40 or so. 🙂

More questing in Howling Fjord.  I pick up more flight points and discover the Taunka and Tuskarr.  The Taunka look like Tauren with human face masks on and look pretty dumb.  The Tuskarr are cool little walrus people who ride turtles.  Admittedly my questing keeps getting disrupted by instance runs, and some of the quests are a pain to complete with so many people in the zone, but the Howling Fjord isn’t just inspiring me like Nagrand or Zangarmarsh did.  Maybe it will grow on me.

Sunday my guild organised a run of Ramps and BF of all Death Knights (well 4+healer) and I offered to heal for them.  They did an all DK run of Ramps (5 DKs) the night before, but apparently it was a bit painful. To keep me entertained (healing these two instances is pretty easy for me now) they decide to 1-on-1 tank everything.  So in vent they organise to each Death Grip one mob each and then everyone tanks their target while AoEing.  T’was quite fun and a few pulls pushed me fairly hard.  It would have been easier if I was Holy spec with Circle of Healing, but as it was Prayer of Mending was whizzing around on cool down and it was fun. It was quite funny to see the entire enemy group Death Gripped into the DK scrum at once.

One of the DK’s was the daughter of a guildie and she had a ball in her first high level instance.  She acquitted herself very well both in game and chat for an 8 year old!  She also won the roll for the nice Blade of Misfortune that dropped much to the envy of the others.

Lessen learned: Prayer of Fortitude and the other high level group buffs I can cast as a priest don’t work on toons under 60 for some reason.  They had to be buffed individually.  Not sure if this is a bug or by design.

What else? Oh Dalaran.  Been there done that. 🙂  Actually I didn’t take the time to check it out.  Just got the flight point and set my hearthstone.  How did I get there as a level 70?  Join the party of a guildie who was already there.  Then the leader enters AV (some sort of PvP thing, don’t ask me for details).  Once you enter you type ‘/afk’ and it kicks you out of the battle in disgrace. Anyway because the group leader was in Dalaran thats where you get ejected.  Easy eh?  Not sure if thats an exploit or something.  Guess Blizzard will fix it if it is.

Anyway so in Dalaran I run around a bit and get completely lost.  I discovered the Blackmarket (watch out for the level 75 shark in the water) and some other fairly useless stuff.  Eventually I find a mage offering a quest to teleport to the ground and back, which I do.  So I get an idea.  What if I can get flight points all the way to Howling Fjord?  That would make life much easier.

So that’s what I do.  T’was great fun.  I run east and south of Dalaran dodging level 75 mobs (which I later discovered I can actually kill one-on-one) and find Dragon Blight.  Dragon Blight looks (and sounds) a bit scary so I head east into Grizzly Hills.  At least  I know the mobs are only level 74ish there.  In Grizzly Hills I head south and discovered Naxx and fight some level 74 undead.  Near Naxx some guy is driving a catapult looking thing and fighting them, which looked like fun.  Not sure where he got that from.

Anyway, south of Naxx I re-enter Dragon Blight and discover Venomspite and finally get a flight point.  Darn!  It connects to my others in Howling Fjord, but not Dalaran.  Time to find more in Dragons Blight.  To cut an even longer story short a friendly Hordie tells me there is a harbour on the coast which has a flight point and I head down there.  It connects Dalaran with my existing flight points and I do a happy dance!  Yay me!

Wall of text, critical hit!  Almost done.

A couple of last highlights.  Firstly, after getting sick of running, running, running around in Northrend I finally saved enough money to get my Swift ground mount.  Yes, i’m a 70 on a slow 60% mount no longer! I’m now the proud owner of a Swift Purple Hawkstrider.  I really wanted a wolf but I don’t have the orc exalted rep yet 😦

Secondly, after a bit of stuffing around getting Primal Life and Water I finally made my Primal Mooncloth shouldlers.  Just the robe to go, although i’m not that sure I still want it.  I’m currently wearing the Masquerade Gown and it looks cool and has a cool “Love Struck” proc on cast (+145 spirit).  I’m not so sure I need the extra regen from the PMC set.  I’ll have to give it more thought.  Hmm, its probably a sidegrade by itself but with the benefit of 5% extra mana regen in combat.

Hmmm.  Anyway hope your all having fun.

Gobble gobble.


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