Ding! BTW Getting to Dalaran…

Darn, if only i’d put the words “getting to Dalaran” in my previous post I might have made it to the big time 🙂  So let me just say: Dalaran; getting to Dalaran at 70l Dalaran flight point; and Dalaran FP.  Hope its not too late for me to be popular…

Moving right along. Ding!  I hit 71 finally last night.  Seemed to take a long time, but such is life.  Now the main reason I mention this, other than some deep seated need to say “Ding!” every time I level, is Inner Fire Rank 8.   T’was love at first sight!  Gives armour, as usual, but now gives 95 spell power.  With Improved Inner Fire this ends up being 137 spell power!  Not too shabby. So level 71 combined with a few bits of new gear and all the nice new enchants (more about that in another post soon) my spell power has rocketed from about 525 to 750 (self-buffed) in a few days play.  This is about 1350 +heal in the old scale.

Last night was fairly short play-wise and i just quested.  I have to say I really enjoyed the quests around Skorn in Howling Fjord.  You get a 70 Taunka warrior as a pet and you have to run around, butchering Vrykul (literally, not really my thing), burning buildings and calling in air strikes on their towers.  The whole thing is quite well done and i’m quite enjoying the Vrykul related quests.

I also finally got hold of my minor glyphs – Glyph of Levitate, Glyph of Shadow Protection and Glyph of Fortitude, for a reasonable price.  Fortitude is nice, reducing mana costs, especially after wipes.  Shadow Protection is even better doubling the stupidly short 10 minute buff time of the shadow protection spells.  But Levitate is the one, the one you must have!  Its awesome fun!  At only 70 mana cost i’m using this all the time.  Gotta get down from somewhere high?  Jump off and hit Levitate.  Ended up in water or have to cross some?  Cast Levitate.  In an instance and things a bit slow?  Run around like crazy and cast Levitate.  Shame you can’t jump while levitated. Also good for seeing over others if your a short-arse belf chick like me 🙂  Hours of fun!  Just watch out, especially jumping off high stuff, you can’t control your movement while floating down.  Be careful you don’t end up drifting out to sea like I did last night (but Levitate solved that too – jump, levitate and run back to land).  You’ll never walk on land like a mere mortal again!

The new patterns for tailoring and enchanting have nicely removed the ‘hump’ from about 365-375 and i’ve now leveled both mine to 375.  This freed up some bag/bank space for all the 375 patterns I had lying around.  I’ll post soon on the enchants as there is some pretty significant changes there for priests.

I’ve also planned a rough guide to Priestly dungeon drops, which should be up tomorrow.

Gobble gobble.


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