Farewell Utgarde Keep

Had a short night last night with a few real life issues cutting into play time, including yet another violent storm.

The only thing of note was my farewell run of Utgarde Keep.  On about my 6th run of this instance (total, not last night) I had Keleseth’s Blade of Evocation drop from Prince Keleseth which was a significant upgrade to my Mogor’s Anointing Club.  I now have all the drops from this instance that are of interest and i’ll be avoiding spending time in it until im 80 and doing heroics.

The run was about typical for the times with a decent group, but with a couple of DPSers …

… who only have a loose grasp on threat management.  On last nights run both the rogue and the blood death knight were regularly pulling agro off the well geared warrior.  I don’t mind so much when the group goes into ‘AoE mode’, but in normal pulls it is just poor skills IMHO.  The instance is a bit on the easier side so healing through it wasn’t a big deal, but to my way of thinking its a bit unprofessional (probably a poor word to use for a game, but you get what i’m thinking).

To my way of thinking DPS shouldn’t be pulling agro ever under normal circumstances, except when using AoE on non-elite mobs.  Perhaps its just my way of thinking.  Perhaps i’m some sort of old stick-in-the-mud.

Anyway, Utgarde Keep is quite a easy but enjoyable introduction to Wrath instance, especially the Vrykul (half giants), which I like questing/fighting against.

Gobble gobble.


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