Enchantments aren’t forever

I was looking through my new enchants the other day and I realised my new Enchant Gloves – Exceptional Spellpower was much more powerful than my old Enchant Gloves – Major Healing. This got me thinking about what the new ‘must have’ enchants for my healing gear would be.  So here is my current ideas

Old pre-Wrath enchants

  • Enchant Head – Glyph of Renewal (Revered Thrallmar)
  • Enchant Chest – Major Spirit (got)
  • Enchant Weapon – Major Healing (Revered Sha’tar)
  • Enchant Bracer – Major Healing (Friendly Thrallmar)
  • Enchant Gloves – Major Healing (Honoured Sha’tar)
  • Enchant Boots – Vitality (World drop)
  • Enchant Shoulders – Greater Inscription of Faith (Exalted Aldor)
  • Enchant Cloak – Subtlety (Exalted Thrallmar)
  • Enchant Legs – Golden Spellthread (Exalted Aldor)
  • Enchant Ring – Healing Power x 2 (Revered Sha’tar)

+305 healing (about 190 spell power), +15 MP5, +4HP5, +15 spirit, -2% threat, +20 stamina

Likely new enchants

+263 spell power, +45 crit rating, +45stamina, +10 spirit, an additional 10 to all stats, slightly increased speed and slightly reduced threat.

Not sure what will come in later content patches so some of this may change.  I’m also not much of a theorycrafter, so there might be a couple of slight improvements available on my list.

One thing to notice  is how much easier the new ones are to get.  The reputation enchants all have lesser versions available, which i’ll probably be mostly using as i’m hopeless at getting any reputations to Exalted (even my Silvermoon City rep isn’t Exalted yet).  The non-rep ones are all pretty easy to get as any levelling Grand Master enchanter will probably have most of them and the requirements aren’t too steep.

Gobble gobble.


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