A mixed bag of rambles

Turkelife dinged 72 with upgrades to Holy Fire and Binding Heal.  Holy Fire is a nice leveling tool with sweet damage.  Bind Heal upgrade?  Well if i’m taking the damage to need it i’m either casting Prayer of Healing, because everyone has taken damage or i’m getting smashed and Fading or casting Power Word: Shield or other instants on myself to try and stay alive. Binding Heal isn’t even on my bar ATM. *shrugs*

Turkelife managed to fit in a few quests in Howling Fjord, but spent a lot of time in instances.  Despite my previous post about the end of Utgarde Keep I returned there one more time to finish a quest, which was part of a chain.  T’was a flawless and fun run with a mostly Polish guild group where I got to DPS! The LOLSmiter returns!  Actually the DPS seemed more than enough (no idea what my personal contribution was) and having a strong off-healer (me) made the bosses very easy (no deaths).

Turkelife also completed a few Nexus runs.  It is a nice instance and I quite enjoy the final boss fight against the dragon. The groups I PUG with seem to mostly only have issues with the trash just before Grand Magus Telestra.  There are 4 groups and 2 patrols fairly close together and if the tank isn’t careful you end up with 2 or more, which makes things a bit more exciting and causes wipes with some groups.

Finally she also had a couple of partial runs of Ahn Kahet (The Old Kingdom).  On the first one the group disintegrated when the tank had to leave in a hurry the other was slow, but good, but too long for me with real life commitments to attend.  The big spider boss (Elder Nakox) seems to be a bit of a stumbling block with all his adds.  Interestingly i’m yet to get on a Azjol-Nerub run.  It doesn’t seem very popular.

A couple of other things.  Firstly all you shaman out there check out this post on Flame Shock.  It is a nice summary of Shaman reputation rewards (all specs) in Wrath.  Turkemoo, my shaman, is still stuck farming Primal Lifes for Turkelife in the Deadmire.  One day he’ll make it to Northrend…

Secondly, i’ve started a new Tauren warrior, Moowall.  I’m not sure what I was thinking when I named him – must have been the red wine talking.  I might have mentioned him before.  He’s currently level 14.  More on him in a follow up post, but there will probably be some discussions of leveling a Prot warrior (from scratch) in future.

Gobble gobble.


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