Introducing Moowall

My new Tauren Warrior is named Moowall.  I suspect I might come to regret the choice of name later, but its done now. Oh I just rediscovered my previous post about Moowall.  Darn there goes half my wall of text!   Read that post for the reasoning behind him and then come back.

Right, back?  Moowall has finished thumping stuff in the starter areas and finally moved on to The Barrens to be blooded.  Being only level 14 his tactics aren’t very complex.  Use Charge, one of the most fun skills in the game, to open fights or use your trusty ranged weapon.  In combat make sure Battle Shout is up or renew it if its about to expire.  Save rage and use Thunder Clap, then Rend.  At this low level Rend is more effective than Heroic Strike and has the advantage of killing foes who flee (usually).

OK talents.  Here is the 3/13/54 build i’m planning on using. Remember this is to level from 1 to 80, not from 70 to 80.

Fury (13 points)

Cruelty – Rank 5/5 (Levels 10,11,12,13,14)
Armored to the Teeth – Rank 3/3 (69,70,71)
Improved Demoralizing Shout – Rank 5/5 (72,73,74,75,76)

Protection (54 points)

Improved Thunder Clap – Rank 3/3 (15,16,17)
Shield Specialization – Rank 5/5 (18,19,27,28,29)
Anticipation – Rank 5/5 (20,21,22,23,24)
Shield Mastery – Rank 2/2 (25,26)
Incite – Rank 3/3 (30,31,32)
Improved Revenge – Rank 2/2 (33,34)
Improved Disciplines – Rank 2/2 (35,36)
Concussion Blow – Rank 1/1 (37)
Last Stand – Rank 1/1 (38)
Toughness – Rank 5/5 (39,54,66,67,68)
One-Handed Weapon Specialization – Rank 5/5 (40,41,42,43,44)
Focused Rage – Rank 3/3 (45,46,47)
Improved Defensive Stance – Rank 2/2 (48,49)
Vitality – Rank 3/3 (50,51,52)
Vigilance – Rank 1/1 (53)
Warbringer – Rank 1/1 (55)
Critical Block – Rank 3/3 (56,57,58)
Devastate – Rank 1/1 (59)
Sword and Board – Rank 3/3 (60,61,62)
Damage Shield – Rank 2/2 (63,64)
Shockwave – Rank 1/1 (65)

Arms (3 points)

Improved Heroic Strike – Rank 3/3 (77,78,79)

The aim of Moowall is to use 1-hander + shield the entire time and have some fun.  I’ll also be commenting on leveling as a Prot warrior.  He will have to share time with Turkelife and Turkemoo, but I think once Turkelife hits 80 he will get a good, solid run.

Originally he was mining/engineering, but I dropped the engineering and went with jewelcrafting. I realised the engineering stuff is a bit more useful on my hunter and the lack of bind-on-pickup epic head patterns for engineering in Wrath (similar to Mayhem Projection Goggles in Burning Crusade) made me rethink why I was choosing it. The answer was that it was almost completely useless to me. At least jewelcrafting has some uses (both for Moowall and my other alts).

He being an alt i’ve purchased him 20 slot mining and 20 slot gem bags and crafted him a pair of 16 slot normal bags as well.  This removes the worst part of any new mushroom and that is the lack of bag space.

Moowall you’re now officially an alt! 🙂


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