Oh how I love/hate the Barrens

A few quick impressions/comments from the new warrior Moowall.

Its a long, long way to everywhere in the Barrens!  No mount and my hooves are sore from, running, running, running.  Roll on level 30 and more compact zones.  Dying is the worst.  Its a long, long corpse run to just about everywhere in the Barrens.

No panic buttons.  I’ve gotten a bit slack and used to being able to take on multiple mobs at or even above my level with my priest.  Poor Moowall has no panic buttons and very limited in-combat healing (healing potions).  If he pulls two mobs at his level he can just take them.  Three, even if they are a a couple of levels lower will kill him.  He just doesn’t have the panic buttons or the gear to pull off the occasional over-pull.  I can’t remember the last time Turkelife died while questing, but Moowall does so with frightening frequency.  Level 14 is hard!

I can see why Blizzard started Death Knights at 55.  You’re just getting to the end of the Old World content and on to the better optimised Burning Crusade stuff.  I doubt as many DKs would have been started if they started at level 1 like everyone else.  Much as I love levelling alts leveling to about 30 or so is going to be a bit of a chore.

On the upside I do love the quests fighting the Bristleboars and i’m looking forward to tanking Wailing Caverns and Shadow Fang Keep…


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