Wrath tailoring for priests

Here is my stuff to craft list for Wrath.

This is is aimed at getting geared up to start do heroics at level 80.  All most without exception these items a better than the same slot items from my normal instance loot list.  Anything I considered too hard to get i’ve left off the list.  The sub-425 pieces should be fairly easy to aquire.  The Moonshroud and Wispcloak, slightly harder.

Note that I’m also a Moon specialised tailor (Mooncloth/Moonshroud) so i’ve leaned towards those pieces in preference to the other specialisations.  I’m also a disc/holy priest.  The ranking of the gear for holy and shadow will be slightly different (especially shadow).

This is based on this Loot Rank.  Researching this has restored my faith in tailoring somewhat and now I believe i’m going to get quite a bit of use out of the profession.  I hope you’ve found it useful.

Gobble gobble.


4 Responses to Wrath tailoring for priests

  1. Romance says:

    Every tailoring thing seems to be best pre-raid. Some pretty expensive seeming pieces are best pre-HC.
    Would you not say investing in other Proffesions like Alchemy and Enchanting would benefit you more in the long run?

    like Mixology and Alch trinket?
    or ring enchants?
    Or inscription’s improved enchants and off hands?

  2. BobTurkey says:

    I’m pretty much expecting once I get to start raiding that i’ll hardly be using Tailoring for anything. Except maybe the cool flying carpets. There are a few tailor specfic “enchants” for cloaks and shoulders. Probably nothing earth-shattering though.

    Turkelife is an enchanter also. Enchanting is far more useful IMHO. You can make money from disenchanting all the junk you don’t use for starters. Plus you can make more money selling enchants.

    Turkemoo (68 shaman) is an alchemist (+herb) and it is awesome. Transmutations, high potion, elixir and flask availability, very nice Alchemy trinkets. Its also much easier to level than tailoring or enchanting. Mixology is pretty nice. You basically get super flask/elixir buffs instead of normal ones. If your raiding you’re often using them anyway so the extra effect is all cream.

    I have no experience with Inscription, but it doesn’t look that amazing to me.

    Personally with any new alts i’m mainly taking professions that I find interesting, rather than because they add a lot to the alt, because without the BoP high level items like in Burning Crusade the choice is less important in the long run.

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