Questing, questing, questing

Yes i’ve been a questing again.  I’m back on Turkelife and enjoying the Wrath content.  I realised if I don’t stop doing so many instances i’ll be like 80 without finishing all the quests in any of the zones.  So back to mainly questing. I’ve almost finished Howling Fjord and i’m almost 73.  I’ll probably head to the other starter zone (Borean Tundra?) next although Dragon Blight looks interesting too…

I also noticed I need less than half a dozen quests in each of the Burning Crusade zones for the questing achievements back tehre.  I *am* tempted.

Wow!  They did a great job with the variety of quests in Wrath.  Last night I was mainly questing around Scalawag Point in southern Howling Fjord.  I hung out with pirates, flew in a plane, fired a big gun at stuff and collected debts.  T’was great fun.  There is so much variety I almost find myself wanting a “Kill 10 of mob X and return” type quest or two to re-ground my expectations.


Turkelife is also pretty uber!  In one of the quests (The Jig is Up) you fight a 70 elite pirate followed by a 71 elite bear without leaving combat.  I was very surprised to discover I can solo them at level 72.   Perhaps its not so amazing, but I was impressed!

Which reminds me, if your a caster fresh in Howling Fjord don’t worry about upgrading your trinkets in a hurry.  Between The Jig is Up and Return to Atuik, both of which you’ll probably complete at about the same time, you get a pair of nice trinkets with no other slot options for quest rewards.

Gooble gobble.


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