Why BobTurkey?

From time to time I get asked why I use the handle ‘BobTurkey’.  Here it is  …

I can’t remember what my early in-game names were, probably something poxxy like “aragorn” or similar…anyway I used to play games like StarCraft and Subspace and everyone had name like “Lord Punisher” and “I0wnzU” and similar crap. So I picked something completely different and irrelevant.

I always thought i’d have a small dog and call it “bob” (no idea why) and turkeys aren’t particularly popular online so I became BobTurkey.  Yes, thats how much thought went into it!

Then I played Saga of Ryzom for a long time and the “Bob” bit didn’t fit the fantasy environs and just “Turkey” was plain silly. So it got shortened to just “Turke”.

Then I move to GuildWars and Turke was too short. I planned to play a Necro/Monk so I came up with “Life An Death Turke”.   All my GW toons had a theme so people can tell its me even when i logged onto different characters. Some weren’t very creative and then there’s my cool warrior named “Iron Chef Turke”.

Finally I came to WoW.  Here I have: Turkemoo – Because he was a tauren; and Turkelife – Because she is a giver of life (healer). Moowall, well i have no idea.  Probably Moo for the Tauren bit and wall because he’s a bit of a meat shield. *shrugs*

About every 6 months online I get asked if i’m Turkish.  This seems to be happening a more regularly since I created Turkelife and I found out why.  Elife is a Turkish girls name (a bit like Lisa I guess) so some people where reading “Turkelife” as a Turkish girl named Elife.  Strange how this things can happen.  I have however chatted to some very interesting Turks as a result though.

Yes a bit of a fluff post.  Must be the weekend 🙂


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