Azjol-Nerub smack down

Just when you think things are going smoothly Azjol-Nerub comes and ruins your day.

The scene.  I’ve run Utgarde Keep and Nexus lots of times.  So many i’m getting bored with them both.  I’ve poked my nose into Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom a couple of times.  I haven’t cleared it all yet, but I’ve had some good hard fights and quite enjoyed it.  Then there is Azjol-Nerub.

I’m questing my little heart out in Borean Tundra and LFG for Azjol-Nerub (AN) as a healer. I figure I should have a look in there before long.  I had noticed there didn’t seem to be many groups running it, which had set of a warning bell somewhere in the back of my head.

So I get a PUG.  A 72 DK is tanking, there’s a 75 elemental shaman, a warlock and rogue (no not a rouge, a rogue).  The DK had a Frost spec, which in my limited knowledge of DKs seems to be appropriate.  We cleared the the few groups leading up the the first boss (Krik’thir the Gatewatcher).  Amazingly this boss turned out to be too hard for us to kill!

This is your average story of how hard boss fights can be when no one knows what is going on.  Basically you start the boss event and have to kill three groups before you get to fight the final boss.  The groups are headed by Watcher Silthik, Watcher Gashra, and Watcher Narjil.  During this fight people get (randomly?) encased in webbing which immobilises them for 10 seconds.  The webbing can be attacked to free the player.  When the healer gets webbed for 10 seconds and no one frees them you have a decent chance of getting a wipe.

On top of this you have a skirmisher mob who randomly attacks someone and can’t be taunted/CC’ed.  This means there is a 20% chance the healer is also dealing with this guy.  Its advised you kill this guy first to reduce pressure on the healer (sux to be the healer in this fight).

So after our first couple of wipes I explain that the DPS need to keep an eye on anyone who gets webbed, especially me and free them ASAP.  I didn’t realise about the skirmisher at this point.

A couple more wipes.  I remind the DPS to watch their threat as the elemental shaman especially seems to be continually pulling threat making the healers job even harder.  We make it to the actual boss once, but as soon a he summons his little non-elite bugs they all run for the healer (of course).  Once Fade expires they all then run back and pummel me and I, in paniced desperation, miss the Psychic Scream button…  A couple more wipes and I say thanks all but i’m heading back to questing.

I must get a guild group together and run this the ‘right way’ sometime. 🙂

The rest of my time I avoided instances (well except smooth Nexus and Under Bog runs) and quested in Borean Tundra.  I don’t like the area as much as Howling Fjord.   The DETHA quests just seem a bit silly to me although the one riding the mammoth was quite fun.  I’m looking forward to finishing questing in Borean Tundra and starting on Dragon Blight.

One thing i’ve noticed in Wrath is that there seems to be much less variation in what the various vendors sell.  Previously Turkelife has checked all the Tailoring Supplies, Enchanting Supplies and most of the out-of-the-way merchant types for interesting patterns/recipes.  A few Trade Suppliers are missing Eternium Thread from their manifest, but otherwise they seem pretty much standard to me.  Bit of a shame really as I liked the little sprinkles of variation in the older content.

Game on!


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