Server down and other stuff

Well we just passed another Tuesday.  For those of you on the Oceanic servers this pretty much means a night without WoW.  Tuesday maintenance is day-time event if your in the USA, but over on the Oceanic side its smack in our prime evening play time.  Where I am it officially starts at 8pm local time, although usually gets very laggy about 7:30pm and is down until the early hours of the morning.

For someone like me it means I might get half to an hour of play time, after work, if i’m really keen.  These days I just accept it and don’t even bother turning my PC on most Tuesdays.

When I first started playing there was a short trial where they did Oceanic maintenance at a more sensible time for Oceanic players, but it only lasted one week from vague memory.  Such is life.

Monday evening I powered through a bit over half a level questing in Borean Tundra.  I have to say I loved the quests with the robots around Fizzcrank Pumping Station.   I especially loved the channelled machine gun attack the ‘tank’ robots have.

A few other bits:

  • If my two gear lists are too under powered for you check out ‘the best’ holy gear list from DwarfPriest.
  • I wonder when the Christmas stuff will start in-game?  Can’t be long now.
  • I have a few meatier posts coming up about my 80 Disc build, Grid addon and probably the WoW loot system
  • Real life Christmas is fast approaching.  I’m pretty sure both game time and blog post frequency is going to take a big hit until the New Year.  We shall see.

Something wicked this way comes…


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