Malygos’ mojo

Ding 75!  Your excited aren’t you? No, I know you don’t really care when I level, but tough, this is my blog! 😛

Anyway my latest burst of levelling excitement came mid-Nexus run.  I started it thinking that it would be my last but, oh no, t’was not to be.

I’m begining to think that Nexus isn’t really for level 70/71 toons.  Sure we had decent pug (or so it seemed from the healing seat).  Sure we flew through most of the trash and even Grand Magus Telestra and Anomalus.  We wiped, but only just, on Ormorok the Tree-Shaper when he had 3881 health left!  That is *so* annoying.  What was even more annoying was when the pally tank told the mage to stop using his wand on bosses.  In hindsight I don’t actually remember the mage drinking at all and he died last (is it even possible to pull threat using using the secret wand spike attack!?!?) against Ormorok with three quarters of his mana left!  Hmmm, a level 70 mage with ample mana couldn’t inflict 3881 damage?!?  I’ve never played a mage, but i’m pretty sure this is something they are normally capable of!

So the paly tank was quite nice about it and just said something like, “mage please don’t use your wand on bosses” or similar.  Everyone was friendly and LOL’ed.  No harsh words.  The mage just left!  His guildie, who was an excellent 74 hunter, said he’d have to go too.  And left.  He was polite(ish) at least.  Maybe the mage had a valid reason.  If he did it was never mentioned.

Anyway we quickly recruited two more 71 hunters (DPS grow on trees don’t they?), who were both nice and we’re cool with us quickly killing Ormorok and Keristrasza.  We quickly knocked off Ormorok and ran back for Keristrasza.  I actually like the challenge of fighting Keristrasza, but twice now with pugs of 70/71’s i’ve been unable to down her.  The tank takes just a little too much damage, but more importantly the DPS can’t just quite outlay enough damage before Keristrasza and Intense Cold finally catch up with us.  I have to admit I was only 90% on my game for the last couple of attemps as I was getting tired.  In at least one wipe my failure to remove Crystal Chains in a timely manner was a significant contribution to our demise.  The DK pulling agro, even just for a few seconds, made things a bit harder on an already flat out healer, too.  Small things, but together enough to make us fail.

So i’ll have to return to kill Keristrasza once more.  The quest to kill her rewards a nice cloak, but the chain leading up to it was weird.  You initiate an assault on Malygos by riding Keristrasza around The Nexus.  Nothing much happens as you just go for a joy flight, then she lands and tells me to flee, flee for my life.  So, in confusion, I run a little way away and look around for the threat.  Nothing. Maybe I missed a cut-scene or something.  I found out later that Malygos had enslaved her for purposes only the readers devious minds can imagine.  That Malygos has some serious mojo!

Gobble gobble.

PS See the title was vaguely related to the post 😉


6 Responses to Malygos’ mojo

  1. At 71 I tried tanking DK-Unholy through Nexus and Keristrasza pwned us repeatedly. She hits very hard, and being that my tank gear is sub-par, I just kept getting squished.I like he fact you have to keep moving to dispel the debuff, and also that if you don’t it just keeps ticking.

    We sub’ed in another Tank (who was uncritable) and I went dps – and the tank ran forward and back through the dragon, which let him move, but kept her in almost the same position. I stayed at the side and strafed, and range dps and heals went to town. That time she dropped.

    I like Nexus, its not too long and has some good fights.

  2. BobTurkey says:

    Yeah Intense Cold is what makes it interesting, especially when combined with Crystal Chains.

  3. Fear.Win says:

    The Mage was most likely using his wand during Omorok because he casts a spell reflection shield with 4 charges. The shield has a duration so it’s either the Mage can wand to do SOME damage, /dance or crit himself to death. If he was wanding on other bosses, then he’s just mildly retarded.

  4. BobTurkey says:

    Oh great point. You’re right. I lolsmited in there one time and he does have spell reflect! Hmmm, so he had a good reason to wand.

    Still not sure why he left suddenly. Maybe he was typing in guild chat what noobs we were for laughing at him for wanding….

  5. Fear.Win says:

    Lol you don’t have to tell me twice. I did the whole Inner Focus (for the crit bonus) + Mind Blast + Shadow Word: Death burst damage gimmick and damn near killed myself. On top of that, Blackout procced.. /facepalm

  6. BobTurkey says:

    LOL @ Blackout procced!

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