Blogs I read

Here are the blogs that I read most days.  I read them because they are always current, or are related to one of my classes, or are well written even if unrelated to my toons, or have interesting posts on them, or some even more random reason.

The ones towards the top are generally ones have been on the list longer than those below them.  Well more-or-less.

These are the websites I check occasionally.  They may be infrequently updated with interesting posts, completely unrelated to any of my classes, etc, etc.  The separation between lists is completely subjective.  I modify these from time to time and websites move between the lists (or completely off them) periodically.

I was thinking of writing a little summary of each so you knew what to expect and/or my reasoning for reading them, but I realised my natural bluntness might offend some people (and made me sound like some elitist snob).  So no summaries.

I hope you discovered something new today! 🙂
Gobble gobble.


4 Responses to Blogs I read

  1. Fear.Win says:

    I’ll take any plug I can get lol. Thanks Bob!

  2. Seri says:

    So, how many posts a week do we need to get off your ‘infrequent updates’ list? Hehe. Thanks for sharing us with your readers! 🙂

  3. Anea says:

    Thanks for the link, for for linking some other sites I haven’t discovered yet. 🙂

  4. BobTurkey says: – Your welcome

    @Seri – Heh, heh. Actually i’ve only just started reading your blog, so its in the “i’m not sure” category. 🙂

    @Anea – Your welcome also. I’m glad you found something else interesting to read from the post.

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