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I’ve resumed my interest in the Auction House (AH) recently after reading Wow Economist.  Ok, let me start at the start.  I recently hit level 80 and I still didn’t even have a basic flyer.  Yes I admit it, i’m so far out of fashion it’s almost laughable.  So I need to make some cash.  I want to actually get my epic flyer soon so I actually need some serious cash.  Over about a week I raised about 2k gold and here are some tips on how I did it.

Firstly I parked one of my alts at the AH.  I had a  good look around at prices, especially of Wrath gear.  This was just to familiarise myself with prices and I use this alt for all trading.  This is much easier than dragging Turkelife away from Northrend regularly.

Secondly I stopped leveling Enchanting and selling all the materials I received from disenchanting.  This raised some nice fast cash and my stockpile gave me some capital to work with.

Thirdly I continued questing on my main and other than purchasing skills as I levelled up (which is a very expensive past time), I didn’t spend any gold.  The questing by itself would generate about 2-300 gold a day after expenses, although every few days i’d spend that much upgrading my skills.

Fourthly I spent an hour grinding enough Sporeggar reputation to reach Revered and purchased the pattern for Mycah’s Botanical Bag.  I then both buy all the Primal Mooncloth on the AH, which usually sells about 35g a piece, and make my own on cool down at the moonwell at Star’s Rest in Dragonblight.  This is the only moonwell in Northrend that I am aware of and at 77+ (perhaps earlier) you can sneak into the moonwell and use it even if your Horde like me :-).  I also buy Fel Lotus on the AH for about 15g each.  These bags sell for about 400-425g on my server and they cost about 170g to make (4×35 + 2×15).  So a nice profit.  These are a good choice because they are by far the biggest herb bag you can buy and there are no easy alternatives like there is for the other professions.  Most of which you can buy at least 20 slot bags for easily.

Fifthly I bid on/buy stupidly cheap items.  Some people list 76+ level greens or enchanting materials with a normal buy out price but a bid price of like 6 silver or similar.  I bid on all these and win some.  I then just re-list them with a bid and buy out price, which while still the cheapest on the market, is far more sensible.

Two other areas I make some good money on is essences (especially Cosmic) and eternals.  I check the price of all of the new Eternals and the Cosmic Essences daily.  The prices change very fast, but I can usually buy one form of them, alter them, and re-list them in their new form for good profits.

For example I recently bought Greater Cosmic Essence for about 28g, converted them to Lesser Cosmic Essences (x3) and re-posted them for about 13g each for a profit of 11g each (3×13 – 28).  Another example is buying Eternal Fire for 45g each, breaking them down to Crystalised Fire (x10) and selling them for about 6g each for about 15g profit (6×10 – 45).  These types of trades make me a couple hundred gold most days for about 10 minutes work.

I’m also watching the level 76+ weapons and armour, both epics and blues, for bargins, but I haven’t seen anything yet.  I’m still learning the market on these too.

The tools I use for this are pretty basic.  AHSearch for storing my searches and GPriceEach for listing the per each price of all items easily.  I tried Auctioneer but I found it gave me a whole lot of junk I didn’t use.  I also use MoneyFu to keep track of who has how much cash.  MoneyFu is just a nice to have, but seeing as I was using Fubar anyway it was light and easy enough to add.

Anyway I hope some of this is useful.


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