My gear at 80

OK this is a snapshot of my gear as I reached 80.  Its all very well to post about the gear to get from instances or tailoring, but what did I actually get and how close to being heroic ready am I at 80?

My gear:

  • Cowl of the Vindictive Captain – a quest reward from my one Utgarde Pinnacle run.  This the best head before heroics and I expect many priests will be wearing this for some time.
  • Silken Amice of the Ymirjar – I lucked out on the Utgarde Pinnacle run I managed to fit in and these dropped.  As for the cowl above only a few heroic drops surpass this one.
  • Bauble-Woven Gown – another quest reward from Utgarde Pinnacle.  A complete upgrade from the Pigment-Stained Robes I was wearing at the time.  There are a number of upgrades before heroics but they are mainly tailored.  I’ll discuss these more in a moment.
  • Handwraps of the Incarnate – I’m still wearing the T4 gloves.  Several items have come close, but all have been downgrades to mana regen.  The T4 gloves aren’t even on the LootRank im using.  I’ve just not managed to get a replacement yet.  These are likely to be my first stop when eventually get to run the Culling of Stratholme.
  • Leggings of Burning Gleam – I love Halls of Stone.  The one run I have managed to fit in these dropped from Krystallus after he shattered the warlock and I into little shards.  It was a real WTF? moment, but the tank, rogue and hunter held their own and I soul stoned back up to help them.  These are the best legs pre-heroics.
  • Mantle of Keristrasza – a quest reward from Nexus.  This will soon be replaced by Shroud of Dedicated Research.  Only the tailored items are better pre heroics.
  • Wraps of the San’layn – A quest item from Utgarde Keep.  Soon to be replaced by Ancestral Sinew Wristguards, the best wrists pre-heroics.
  • Primal Mooncloth Belt – The other level 70 relic.  Once again I just haven’t had access to any better items yet. It will probably be replaced by Mammoth Sinew Cinch when I get to the Storm Peaks.
  • Sandals of Mystical Evolution – a quest item from Nexus. I’m going to replace them with Fur-lined Moccasins once I run Gundrak.
  • Amulet of Constrained Power – Another Utgarde Keep quest item.  This is another slot where I just haven’t seen un upgrade.  There are several quest upgrades, but not until Storm Peaks or later.
  • Band of Glittering Permafrost (Nexus boss drop) and Ring of Decimation.  Most of the rings drop from heroics.  The Ring of Temerity is one that i’m going to be picking up very soon.
  • Trinkets are always interesting.  I’m currently wearing Strike of the Seas and Valonforth’s Remembrance. There are a number of upgrades from both quests and instances still to come for this slot.
  • Keleseth’s Blade of Evocation – boss drop from Utgarde Keep.  I’ll be replacing this with the Gavel of the Brewing Storm very soon.  The Gavel is as goods as it gets pre-heroics.
  • Talisman of Scourge Command – boss drop from Prince Taldaram in the Old Kingdom.  This is unlikely to be replaced soon unless I get lucky with boss drops.
  • Charged Wand of the Cleft – i bought this from the Horde Expedition.  They *are* useful for something! The next upgrades are in Ice Crown and Storm Peaks, so a while off yet.

As you can see Utgarde Pinnacle is a very nice instance to run at least once.  The quest rewards from the two quests are awesome items and you might get lucky with the shoulders dropping.

One thing you will notice is no tailored items.  Self-funded my tailoring is only 404 so far at 80.  None of the tailored items are of interest until at least 420. The items pre-420 I have already upgraded past, with normal instance items.  Tailoring continues to be a fairly useless profession.  It is slow to level, and other than producing greens for me to disenchant hasn’t really done much for me.

Conversely my Enchanting is 401 but I have at least four of my own enchants on my items currently.  Much more useful.

Tier-wise i’m still languishing about the T5 level.  I’m having most difficulty raising my mana-regen.  There are heaps of items with spellpower and crit rating but few with ‘X mana per 5’ on them.  Unbuffed i’m at – Spellpower: 890, IFSR MP5: 196, Spirit: 618, Int: 819, Crit: 13%, Haste: 6.6%.

My main path for upgrades continues to be questing and running the instances i’m yet to do.  I thought I was well advanced gearing-wise, but looking at the tail end of my list there are quite a few areas where my gear is lacking.  Back to the quest treadmill for me!

Gobble gobble.


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