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Time for the ‘my UI/my addons’ post. 🙂

Check out the image below first

Yes I know an image on my blog, almost unheard of (actually completely unheard of – this is the first image ever).

OK the double bottom bars and the side bars are Bartender4.  On the bottom I have two rows of buttons.  The main row at the bottom is my solo/DPS bar and by default is bound to the number keys.  The second row has my healing set up.  ATM I am rebinding they key when I switch between roles.  This is easy in Bartender4 with the command line /kb.  This works pretty well for me.

The side bars have my miscellaneous stuff on them.  My professions, hearthstone and main food.  I also drag and drop any on-use type quest items (you know the ones where you have to select a body and use a quest item to extract a soul or similar) up here when needed.

Omen, you can’t see it here but I have it loaded even for my healer.  Occasionally when I DPS in instances I turn it on (‘/omen toggle’ at the command line), but as a healer I currently leave its display turned off.  The way I understand it this means it still sends data to other Omen users in my party about my threat, but doesn’t clutter up my UI.  I heal by feel and drop agro by Fade if need be.  I don’t think watching a threat bar in Omen is going to help me with my healing and would be another distraction.  The chances of a situation occuring where my heal will pull agro *AND* I have the option of not casting it are pretty rare.

Quartz provides the caster bars you can see.  The big one for me and the smaller one for my target.  I mainly use Quartz because I suffer periods of high ping (say 600ms) from time to time.  It also more accurately displays the time remaining on buffs and debuffs.

Edit: Just realised you can’t actually see my a caster bar in this pick.

Decursive is an excellent tool for a healer.  It is the green square towards the top left, below my targets portrait.  It clearly displays magic/poison/disease effects on all party members and allows me to quickly remove them using the left or right mouse button.  The clear display of debuffs is a huge improvement over the standard interface.  Especially for the nasty ones like silence on paladin tanks or mages.  One click and i can remove the debuff.  I may remove it if I get Grid set up nicely.

This also as access to the config menu from the Fubar bar at top.

Fubar is the horizontal dark bar across the top of my screen.  It is loaded to manage a number of Fubar addons such as ExpereinceFu and PerformanceFu.  Having Fubar also removes the clutter of icons around my mini-map that I would otherwise require.  MoneyFu is another Fubar addon I have considered adding.  It keeps track of your cash across all you alts.

ExperienceFu – This is the xp and rested numbers on the top right of Fubar.  This is an awesome way to see exactly, how much rested xp you have, how much xp, how much to next level etc.  I turn it off once I reach the level cap.

PerformanceFu – This addon is slightly less useful than pre 3.0.2, but I still like it.  It displays my ping and frames per second on the Fubar bar.  This is especially useful when the UI slows or stops responding as I can quickly determine if i’m suffering high ping or not and just how bad a lag spike it is.  I may in future remove this as this information is displayed by mousing over the computer icon on your icons bar.  Still, glancing at the Fubar is faster than a mouse over.

Ratings Buster and EquipCompare (not shown) are my latest additions to my UI.  I was recently converted to the use of these two addons and Ratings Buster in particular is very handy.  When you mouse over an item anywhere it compares the item with the equivilent item you have equiped.  It displays useful stuff like the conversion of Int/Spr/Sta to health, mana regen, etc.  These two addons greatly speed the process of deciding how useful an item is.

Also not shown is GPriceEach, which seems to be a remake of PriceEach and works for 3.0.2+.

Addons not in use

Turkelife is a Tailor and Enchanter.  Any of my other toons who have gathering professions use the Gatherer addon.  It displays on the mini map and main map any resources you have discovered, even if your not yet in radar range of them.  This is extremely useful as often going a little way out of you way may net you a few extra minerals or herbs.

Gobble gobble.


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