Our Loot System

30 January 2009

This post is just a summary of the loot system we use when raiding.  I’m writing it because I love to hear the sound of my own voice.  No, actually … well yes that, but also Fear.Win got me thinking about loot systems a little in his recent post.

Dead or Alive is a casual raiding guild.  We have about 25 raid capable players.  We currently have two 10 man raid teams going.  I have no idea what you would name our system and it was in place before I joined the guild.

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Flash vs Greater Heals

28 January 2009

There is some debate currently regarding the death of Greater Heal.  The basic story is that people have stopped using it because it is too slow to cast or something.

I’m thinking *I* must be a bit slow or something because i’ve always used it and can’t see why I would stop using it.  Sure it’s not your first choice as a reactive heal when someone starts taking damage, but it still has its uses.

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Don’t annoy the enhancement shaman

27 January 2009

T’was a busy long weekend here in Oz. I did lots of stuff which i’m not going to bother mentioning, but some interesting things did happen.

My pet pally tank got his account hacked twice over the last couple of weeks, which is a really nasty thing to happen to anybody. He got much of his gear back, but it has led him to re-considering what he wants to do in-game. Don’t leave us! We’ll miss you Dee!
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Updated Priest Stat Targets

25 January 2009

I wrote a post ages ago about this but i’ve refined it a fair bit with expereince.  Here are my current suggested starting stat targets for priests (all unbuffed but including talents):

Heroics – Spellpower: 1300, IFSR MP5: 200, Spirit: 600, Int: 900, Crit: 12%
Naxx 10 (T7) – Spellpower: 1400, IFSR MP5: 230, Spirit: 600, Int: 900, Crit: 14%
T8? – Spellpower: 2100, IFSR MP5: 370, Spirit: 1000, Int: 1100, Crit: 20%, Haste: 10%

These targets are slightly biased towards a discipline priest, but won’t be too far off for Holy priests.  The Tier 8 targets are not going to be spot-on as i’m not there yet 🙂  Turkelife is probably suitably geared to finish Naxxramas, or close to it, and her current stats are:

Turkelife – Spellpower: 1642, MP5: 301, Spirit: 687, Int: 1053, Crit: 14%, Haste: 7%

I’ve also not listed Haste goals for heroics and Naxx 10 as I consider them optional until you’ve met the other goals.  Personally I aimed for meeting the goals in this order spell power, MP5, Int, crit, haste and then spirit.  I’m currently working on improving Turkelife’s crit as i’d like to see it closer to 20% (unbuffed).

Gobble gobble.

Random rambles about Turkelife

23 January 2009

I’ve been sprouting a lot of intelligent sounding posts lately so its time for a status update and some rambling.

Turkelife is still questing slowly through Zul’Drak and only needs 15 more quests to finish the zone.  I have to say this is probably my least favourite zone to quest in.  The quest chain where you disguise yourself as a zombie is really good, but otherwise they are a bit ho-hum.  The last quest I did involved throwing grenades into Nerubian craters.  I was just about to give up on it and when I looked it up on Wowhead for the third time.  I looked at the images and discovered the craters are actually more like little tan pimples and look nothing like craters.  Anyway, 15 to go then I can go and work on the Storm Peaks. I should have enough finances to buy my Artisan flying skill pretty soon, so Storm Peaks should be quite a bit of fun.  I’ve read there are some cool quests there too.  I also want to try out the very fast rug i recently sewed.

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