I’m back!

Hmm so much to post about and where to start?  Moowall has been slowly leveling on rested xp and is now 26.  Turkelife is now 80 as she dinged about Christmas Day.  She’s been quite busy.  She’s finished questing in Dragonblight, Grizzly Hills and Sholazar Basin.  She started on the Storm Peaks, didn’t like it much and decided to do Zul’Drak  first.  Her gear has changed a lot even since my post on Christmas Eve.  She also did her first ever heroics and first raids (Naxx 10 progression with the guild and Obsidian Sanctum 25 with a pug).

So here are some posts coming in the near future.

  1. How to Grid part 2 – I have Grid set up now and i’m loving it.  Just documenting how I did it (I fiddled a lot).
  2. Are you heroic? – My guide to how to get your healing priest ready for heroics.  The basics, not a list of every piece of gear in the cosmos.
  3. Raid IDs and other phenomena – My notes on how raid id’s and lock outs work.  I’m a raid noob so its all new to me.  Time for sharing.
  4. [insert smart title here] – Another build post as i have stuff to say and i’m changing builds again (I think)
  5. First impressions of Naxx 10 and links to resources.  Possibly something similar for Obsidian Sanctum 10.
  6. My current gear, where it came from and what upgrades i’m working on
  7. Plus a few, “this is what I did last night” posts

That will do for starters.


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