How to Grid – part 2

One thing I did manage to achieve over the break was getting Grid setup (mostly).  This is part two of my Grid series and details exactly how I set up my Grid. If you are interested in the resources that I used and the stuff I read before starting check out my part 1 post.

First off here is a picture of the top left of my screen so you know generally what it looks like.

Turkelife's 5 man Grid display

Install Grid

Firstly we need to install Grid and a couple of other addons.  Download and install these addons as you would any other.

There are heaps of extra addons you can use but i’m just going to start with the basics.

Setup Details

I started initially with the post on Elitest Jerks, but it quickly deteriorated into me just fiddling randomly 😉  For simplicity I will try and list everything I changed from the default here in one place so you only have one list to follow.  Remember these are my personal settings and a guideline.

I’ll post a link to my Grid config file (Grid.lua) when I figure out how.

  1. After enabling Grid and it’s extras, log on to your toon.
  2. If possible either join the party of a friendly guildie, or enter a battle ground.  This will give you one or more people in your party to display in Grid.  You can do it just with yourself but I found it easier with at least one other party member.
  3. Type ‘/grid config’ and hit enter.  This should display the config screen for Grid.
  4. Grid –> Layout and set Frame lock to disable.  This will allow you to drag your Grid around on the screen.  You may need to drag the Grid config screen off to the side while you do this.  The Grid cell containing your own details is always the top left cell by default.  Once you are happy with the position re-enable Frame lock so you don’t accidentally move your Grid display while playing.
  5. While in Grid –> Layout, if necessary, set Raid Layout to your prefered layout.  Mostly I have this set to ‘By Group 5’ (this is the layout in the image above), but I change it to ‘By Group 10 with pets’ or ‘By Group 25 with pets’ as needed.
  6. Grid –> Frame –> Advanced then look for Frame Height and Frame Width.  You may have to scroll down the list of properties.  Adjust these to make the cells of your Grid bigger.  I have mine set to 30 high and 55 wide.  I assume these are pixels.  Also change the font (this property is near the top of the list on this screen) to a readable size.  I have mine at 10.
  7. On the same window (Grid –> Frame –> Advanced) set Centre2 text to enabled.  We will use this later.  In the image above the “-4.9k” is the Centre 2 text.
  8. Also in the same window set Invert Bar Colour to enabled.  This will display you mana bars as you would expect instead of them filling up as the player runs out of mana.
  9. Grid –> Frame –> Layout –> Padding is set to 1
  10. Grid –> Frame –> Layout –> Spacing is set to 10
  11. Grid –> Frame –> Layout –> Border –> click on the coloured square.  I adjusted opacity to about 25%
  12. Grid –> Frame –> Layout –> Background –> click on the coloured square.  I set opacity to about 10%.  These Frame –> Layout changes are to reduce the wasted space between cells and to make the border and background opaque and less distracting.
  13. Grid –> Status –> Manabars and adjust the width of the mana bars if you wish.  I have mine set to 20.
  14. In the same window (Grid –> Status –> Manabars) click on the mana colour box.  Make sure the mana bar colour is a nice visible colour.  I have mine set to a nice brightish blue colour.  Also ensure that opacity is high.  I had an problem with the mana bars being nearly invisible.  I turned out that it was because the opacity was very low.  I don’t remember what the default value is.
  15. Grid –> Status –> Health and set Health deficit to 90% or even 95%.  By default this is 80%.  This controls how much damage a toon must take before their health deficit shows up in Grid as a health deficit (the -4.9k on my Grid cell in the image above).  When toons have lost 20% of their health it is too late to start thinking about healing in my opinion.  At the very least I need to know they have taken damage so I can determine who gets healed/buffed next.  Mines at 92% although there is no method to this madness.
  16. Grid –> Status –> Auras and type ‘Prayer of Mending’ in the box below Add New Buff , then hit enter.  This will add PoM as a buff you can display.  You can use the ‘Add New Debuff’ version of this to add and debuffs bosses put on toons if necessary.  If you do don’t forget to use Grid –> Frame –> [a frame location] to display any new buffs/debuffs you add this way.
  17. Grid –> Status –> Auras –> Buff: Prayer of Mending and set the colour to yellow.
  18. Grid –> Status –> Auras –> Buff: Power Word: Shield and set the colour to white.
  19. Grid –> Status –> Auras –> Buff: Renew and set the colour to green.
  20. Grid –> Status –> Auras –> Buff: Pain Suppression and set the colour to a bright pale blue.
  21. Grid –> Status –> Auras –> Buff: Shield Wall and set the colour to a bright pale blue.
  22. Grid –> Status –> Auras –> Buff: Guardian Spirit and set the colour to a bright pale blue.
  23. Grid –> Status –> Auras –> Buff: Divine Guardian and set the colour to a bright pale blue.
  24. Grid –> Frame –> Border tick both Low HP warning and YourTarget.  Most of the time your target will have its border highlighted.
  25. Grid –> Frame –> Centre text and make sure UnitName is ticked.  This displays the toons name.  Untick anything else.
  26. Grid –> Frame –> Centre text 2 tick Death warning, Debuff: Ghost, Feign Death warning and Health deficit.  Most of the time this displays the toons health deficit.  When the unit is dead or a ghost it displays that instead.
  27. Grid –> Frame –> Top Left Corner – by default this displays if the target has agro as a red dot.  I left this as is.
  28. Grid –> Frame –> Top Side – untick everything.  I don’t use this currently. tick Buff: Pain Suppression, Buff: Shield Wall, Buff: Guardian Spirit and Buff: Divine Guardian.  When any of these are active they are displayed as a pale blue dot at the top of the cell.  Most useful for minimising the overlap of these panic buttons on boss enrages.
  29. Grid –> Frame –> Top Right Corner – tick only Buff: Power Word: Shield.  This displays a white dot when the toon has this buff on them.  Very handy for disc priests.
  30. Grid –> Frame –> Left Side – tick only Low Mana Warning.  This displays a blue dot on the left hand side of the cell when the target is low on mana.  Although I have the mana bars displayed this is an additional visual clue when someone is low on mana.
  31. Grid –> Frame –> Right Side – tick only Buff: Renew.  This displays a green dot when the target has Renew on them.
  32. Grid –> Frame –> Bottom Left Corner is by default set to Incoming heals, leave this as is.
  33. Grid –> Frame –> Bottom Side – untick everything.  I don’t use this currently.
  34. Grid –> Frame –> Bottom Right Corner – tick Buff: Prayer of Mending.  This is very handy for seeing who has PoM on them at any given point in time.  After using this bit I discovered that each player can only have one PoM in play at any give point in time.  If you cast a new one the old one disappears.
  35. Grid –> Frame –> Alpha I leave unchanged from the default.  This is very handy as it displays when toon go out of range or offline by dimming their frame.

Done.  You now have the basics in place.  You can see who has agro, who is dead, how much health each person has lost, who is out of range and who has your buffs on them.  You should also have a bit of a feel about how to addd more stuff.  I’ve kept mine minimal to start with to prevent information overload.

Other Grid Addons

You can use Grid to display icons (via GridIndicatorSideIcons) also.  Elitist Jerks suggests using these to display when a toon is missing buffs.  I might set this up to display when a toon is missing Prayer of Fortitude (and maybe others) to help me remember to rebuff them after their death.

With GridStatusSideIcons (above) you could add GridStatusRaidIcons to display who is targeting which marked mob.  I’ll think about the value of this one.  Its interesting information but i’m not sure how useful to me as a healer.

GridStatusHots could be worth a look also.  It allows you to add icons that change over time as an effect (buff/debuff) nears expiry.  This is mainly used for heal-over-time spells, but other effects such as Grace have been added.

Hiding the Party Frames

Edit: These macros work, but aren’t a great solution to the problem as the party bars keep reappearing.  I’m thinking about giving X-Perl a try.

You can leave party frames enabled with Grid but it clutters up the interface even more and doesn’t add much.  So i’m planning on disabling it.

To disable the default party frames when using Grid you have a couple of options.  X-Perl can do it, along with a heap of other stuff.  So far I have decided not to use X-Perl as I don’t think i need it for anything other than hiding the party frames. Instead I have two basic macros to show/hide the party frames.

Macro 1 – ShowParty

/script ShowPartyFrame()

Macro 2 – HideParty

/script HidePartyFrame()

That’s it!  Assign them to a button on your interface, or hot-key them or what-ever is your preference.  I think I will eventually use Grid in any size party and so will pretty much permanently disable the party frames.  At the moment I have the show/hide macros as buttons on my interface, but they are probably overkill.

I am still experimenting with these as the party frames appear to re-display themselves at certain times.

Closing comments

I am still using Decursive as I find it the clearest and fastest way to remove magic and disease from my friends.

There is some discussion regarding Grid on Elitiest Jerks for once you get past the basic set up.  This is mainly troubleshooting for users, but there are some good ideas about other options and Grid addons you might be interested in.

I will edit and update this post as I add something else to my Grid setup.


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  2. David says:

    Regarding the Blizzard Party Frames, there’s a addon called “MoveAnything!” that can permanently hide them.

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