Wrath tailoring for priests – my experience

Tailoring in Wrath continues to be frustrating for me.  I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while.  Warning this gets a bit ranty.  I am now level 80 and have been for a couple of weeks.  I didn’t ‘power level’ to get there but was fairly efficient about it.  My Tailor skill is 422.

I have already purchased about 20 stacks of Frostweave on the auction house for about 500g (I can’t remember exactly how much i paid).  These 20 stacks enabled me to gain a further 8 levels of tailoring, which got me from 407 to 415.  I did this to gain access to my cool downs for Moonshroud, Ebonweave and Spellweave.

To move on to a tailoring level where I can make something useful such as Spellweave Gloves or Moonshroud Robe I need 435 and 440 skill respectively.  I really need to be getting this gear soon as we are starting our Naxx and other raids.  If I don’t get them now they will be replaced by epics from these raids.  To get to even 435 tailoring any time soon i’d need about 3-4 stacks of Frostweave per point or 40-60 stacks.  This will cost me 600-1000g plus the cost of all the Eternals, Iceweb Spider Silk and Eternium Thread i’d also need.

I can buy the Spellweave Gloves off the AH for about 600g (and it will only get cheaper).  The robe will be replaced by the Robe of Crackling Flame before long anyway.  So what’s left?

The Magnificent Flying Carpet?  An ok cloak enchant? Perhaps some income from selling threads for pants?

Ahh at least there is the Wispcloak!  That’s a sweet piece of gear.  Oh it’s BoE also and I already have at least two guildies who can make it if I get the mats?  Ditto for Glacial frost resist gear, which is only useful for one or two specific fights?

Sigh. 😦  I think the carpet might be fun when I eventually get my surfing flying skill up high enough, but…

If you look at my previous Wrath Tailoring post you’ll see there are some very nice items, but the problem is by the time you grind your tailoring high enough to get them you are already getting better items from quests or instances.  Or can buy them with gold from questing…

Would I take Tailoring as a profession again? I doubt it.  I’d go Enchanting and a gathering profession next time.  The money from these would allow me to buy pretty much everything I can make from tailoring and more.

In a nut shell, the stuff you can make with tailoring as you level is inferior to what you already have and the stuff you get at high levels of tailoring are mostly BoE or just don’t seem to be enough incentive.  It seems to me they either need to make tailoring easier to level (less mats required or more dropping) so you can use the stuff as you level or they need to add more incentive at the top end to make the long grind worth it.   It’s kinda like they designed tailoring for the original WoW, where there was a lot more grinding and rising in power was slower and harder, and forgot to review tailoring (and probably other trade skills) when they made WoW easier.

Am I wrong?

Gobble gobble.


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