Priestly macros

I don’t use a lot of macros, but some are quite handy.  I don’t like complicated “left click/right click while holding the ctrl key and facing west” type macros, just the basic ones. So here are my priestly macros:

Penance + Flash Heal

/castsequence reset=8 Penance, Flash Heal, Flash Heal, Flash Heal

This is my fast heal button and replaces my normal Penance button.  I always want to use Penance when it’s not on cool down, but sometimes I need another fast heal while it is.  This macro switches to Flash Heal when Penance is on cool down.

Holy Fire + Smite

/castsequence reset=8 Holy Fire, Smite, Smite, Smite

Similar to the Penance macro above this one saves space on my bar.  It replaces both my Holy Fire and Smite buttons.  There is rarely a reason to use Smite instead of Holy Fire so why bother having it as a seperate button?  This macro, when bound to  a button, displays Smite after Holy Fire has been used until it’s cool down ends, at which it reverts to Holy Fire.

Fade + Psychic Scream

/castsequence reset=30 Fade, Psychic Scream

Very occasionally, I need a second way to get mobs off me when Fade is on cool down.  Normally this is in boss fights with lots of adds.  So after Fade is used this changes to Psychic Scream until the Fade cool down ends.  The Psychic Scream part of this is rarely used.

Power Word: Shield

/cast [help][target=player][] Power Word: Shield

This is an excellent little macro which casts PW:S on a friendly target or on yourself if you are targeting a foe.  Very useful when soloing to PW:S yourself without changing targets.

Inner  Focus in a hurry

/use 13
/cast Inner Focus

This is my Inner Focus macro.  It also uses my top (as seen in the character display screen) trinket.  This is usually a ‘+haste on use’ type trinket.  I usually use this macro to cast a fast Greater Heal (preferably after PW:S) with increased chance of critting, when i’m having one of those, “omg I need 12K+ healing and I need it now!” type moments.  Cool downs match well enough.  Talented Inner Focus has a 2 minutes 24 second cool down and most ‘on use’ trinkets have a 2 minute cool down.

If/when I spec into Power Infusion i’ll probably modify it to this.

#showtooltip Inner Focus
/use 13
/cast [target=player] Power Infusion
/cast Inner Focus

This would make my fast Greater Heal 25% faster (and 25% cheaper), but it would be a slight waste of Power Infusion as talented it has a  1 minute 36 second cool down vs talented Inner Focus at 2 minutes 24 second.  I’ll have to test it and see.  You need the showtooltip bit to display Inner Focus and its cool down display instead of Power Infusion.

I’m not sure of the exact numbers but with my natural 6% gear haste + 5% talent + about 8% from the trinket + 25% from Borrow Time + 25% from Power Infusion I imagine this will cast my 2.5s Greater Heal pretty fast.

Arcane Torrent + Trinket

/use 14
/cast Arcane Torrent

This is my second trinket macro combined with Arcane Torrent.  It uses the lower of my two trinkets (as seen on the character screen) along with Arcane Torrent.  Why use Arcane Torrent here?  It’s an instant cast 6% mana regen (about 1k mana at 80) which doesn’t trigger the global cool down (it also does a 2 second silence, but that is rarely useful in PvE).

Arcane Torrent and many ‘on use’ trinkets have two minute cool downs making them a nice match.


/stopmacro [combat]
/stopmacro [nodead]
/cast Resurrection
/s Resurrecting %t.

This is a very handy resurrection macro.  You target the dead toon and hit this.  If they are dead and you are not in combat (both requirements for casting Resurrection) it will start casting the spell and then say “Resurrecting <your target>”.  Other players can then either resurrect someone else or stop resurrecting altogether.


Gobble gobble.


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