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Wow!  I think i’ve arrived as a blogger.  This will be my second ranty post in a week 😛  So what has got me seeing red this time?  Bloggers!  Or more specifically their blogs.

Firstly some background. I’m no longer young enough to have the eyes of a hawk.  I have a day job, I look at computers all day.  My vision is still good, but I can’t read street signs from three blocks away like I used to.  I also work in the website area and have been scared by terms like usability and accessibility.

How is this related to blogs? Have you looked at any recently?  They are all black background with various coloured text!  What is with this?  Is it fashionable or something?  OMG, is it mandatory?  Is there something no one has told me yet?!?

*descends into paranoid thoughts briefly*

Where was I?  Oh yes blogs with black backgrounds and random coloured text. I can’t read them for more than a few minutes without going cross-eyed, getting a headache or seeing four sided triangles (ok maybe that’s the drugs). 🙂

How do I still manage to read all these blogs? Never fear I have a solution.  I call it “Zap it!”  How do you Zap it! you ask?  Follow these easy steps:

  1. Open your favourite web browser (I use Mozilla but i’m sure this will work for others)
  2. Create a new bookmark/favourite and name it appropriately
  3. Copy and paste this JavaScript code into the URL/location part of the bookmark: javascript:%20(function(){var%20newSS,%20styles='*%20{%20background:%20white%20!%20important;%20color:%20black%20%2020!important%20}%20:link,%20:link%20*%20{%20color:%20#0000EE%20!important;%20text-decoration:underline;%20!important;%20}%20%20%20:visited,%20:visited%20*%20{%20color:%20#551A8B%20!important%20}%20img,%20object,%20iframe%20{display:none;}%20';%20%20%20if(document.createStyleSheet)%20{%20document.createStyleSheet(%22javascript:'%22+styles+%22'%22);%20}%20%20%20else%20{%20newSS=document.createElement('link');%20newSS.rel='stylesheet';%20%20%20newSS.href='data:text/css,'+escape(styles);%20%20%20document.getElementsByTagName(%22head%22)[0].appendChild(newSS);%20}%20})();
  4. Save, etc.  Done.

The code looks horrible doesn’t it?  It just modifies the style sheet of the website you use it on to change the display of the website.  It should all fit on one continuous line when you create the bookmark.

Personally I have my Zap it! button on my bookmark toolbar so it is easy to reach.  To use just visit one of the unreadable websites and then hit Zap it!  It will remove the colours making the website readable.  This particular Zap it! above will also remove most images and Flash.  If you really want one that just does the colours leave me a comment and i’ll see what I can do.

OK i’m calmer now. 🙂

Gobble gobble.


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